ConClusion, Westercon 65

This comes under the heading of sharing good news way ahead of time.

Seattle has won the bid for Westercon 65 in 2012. That’s the weekend of July 5-8.
And I will be there as guest of honor!
Westercon is always a lively convention, and one I’ve greatly enjoyed in the past.  The official title will be ConClusion and we will be celebrating the theme “A Step Out of Time”, which will be not  just the end of the world but the beginning of a new one.  Thus, the convention will begin with Closing Ceremonies.

Online registration will be available soon. Right now, registration is only $45. (A really good deal!)

So, if you’re not booked up yet forJuly 5-8 in 2012, you might want to consider a great weekend in Seattle.


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  1. 😀
    omg I love your books, just discovered you as Robin Hobb about a year ago and have read all of them up to the 2nd Rain Wilds series. I was looking at your website and was delighted to see you write as Megan Lindholm too. However, i cannot find any in e format?? I am in the US, HELP

  2. The Megan Lindholm books are out of print in the US. Sometimes you can find in used bookstores or at the used book sites. My favorite for finding hard to find books is

    And right now, there are no e-books of the Lindholm novels. Sorry to tell you that.


  3. Hi Robin, There are many fans of yours, of which I am one, here in Denver, Colorado who would also love to see you in person. Is there a chance that you might consider being the Guset of Honor at MileHiCon 43, October 21, 22, & 23 2011. This is an official invitation. I’m sorry if this an inappropriate location for this type of request.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Linda Nelson
    MileHiCon 43 Chairperson

  4. Hi Linda!

    Oh, I went to college for a year in Denver, at DU. It would be a lot of fun to see the city again!

    But October 2011 is a long way away, so it’s hard for me to say if my schedule will be free or not. Please send me details to and we’ll see how this fits in with other things I’ve promised to do at that time . . . such as writing a book!

    With many thanks for a great invitation,

    Robin Hobb