Work In Progress Another Rain Wilds Book

I’ve posted about this before, but I keep receiving queries, so I’ll mention it again.

I am currently at work on another Rain Wilds book.Β  It does not yet have a title.Β  It does pick up the tale of the Tarman Expedition, but also touches on some events in Cassarick and Bingtown.

And that is as much as I’m saying about it right now!


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  1. First off, I am (like most) a huge fan of the Fitz books, and also really enjoyed the Liveship books, however…

    I am currently reading the Dragon Keeper and find it a lot different than the other books. Sure, it has lots of perspectives (like the liveship books), but I’m really missing something here… I’ve tried to put words to it, and has finally come up with something that makes sense.

    The book (haven’t gotten to Dragon Haven, where my problem may of course be solved) is missing a great antagonist, a person that you really love to hate, someone that you sometimes sympatize with, but who really bugs you. I know that Greft is probably trying to fulfill this role, but so far has failed, at least for me anyways. The world is also a bit small for my liking, all the characters are gathered in the Rain Wilds, I know that this is the whole idea, but it feels a bit claustrophobic.

    But when that is said… love the crippled and dimwitted dragons, love Thymara and Tats and can’t wait to see and explore Kelsingra again! Overall, these books are still quite good and definitely worth reading!

  2. Have you written a follow-up to Fool’s Fate? Seems a shame after all they have been thru that you are done with these characters. Sure would love another one.

  3. I am so looking forward to it… And perhaps when it’s out you could tour UK again? The offer of beer and Moleskins in Plymouth is still there! πŸ™‚

  4. Great ! And good luck πŸ™‚
    I’m finishing up Haven (just about 10 pages left) at the moment, I guess it’ll be a bit of a wait before the next !

    Do you think you’ll be writing anything in the future outside the Rain Wilds world? Like Soldier Sun?

  5. I am so happy!! I accidentally came across the Farseer series (kindle download) and was immediately hooked!!! Then the Liveship Trilogy, Tawny Man! I did a little research in my local library and found that you continued the story with the Rain Wilds Chronicles! Love them! i am so excited to know that another is on the way! You are welcome to the US anytime! Perhaps you could fit in a visit to Florida…

  6. just this second finished dragon haven and came searching to see if a 3rd book was in the works…thank god. i can’t wait. keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  7. “Do you think you’ll be writing anything in the future outside the Rain Wilds world? Like Soldier Sun?” This. Rain Wild’s is interesting and all but I think Soldier Son was refreshing change of world and setting. Any thoughs of writing more about Gernia or just completely new world?

  8. I really loved all the farseer, tawny man and liveship traders books and I simply can’t wait for the rainwild chronicles to appear in german.

    I’d like to read a lot more books placed in this world, doesn’t mean that there have to be the same characters, though I’d love to know what happens to the fool and the black man down in the south.

    The south seems interesting to me at all, means jamaillia or more far away. I wonder what the world is like down there πŸ˜€

    But at the moment I prepare myself for a jouney to the Rainwilds :mrgreen:

  9. It’s always hard for me to say exactly what I’ll be working on next. The story collection will be my next published work, and then this Rain Wilds book. And after that? Well, there are about 2 dozen books jumping up and down in the back of my brain, each one shouting ‘me first!’. So I don’t have a definite answer to that yet.


  10. πŸ˜› πŸ˜† 😳 😯 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜₯ …so many emotions going through my mind at this precise moment, i have been checking in to your blogs, to make sure i would get a new dose of my favourite world, i’m happy to read any of the stories from this world of yours, honestly feel like i should be living there with your characters, you bring your characters to life, allowing your readers to experience a whole new, i’m sure many others are as excited as i am thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Think of the whole team as the protaganist. This is highly original stuff and doesn’t fall into the traditional fantasy vein. I can’t wait to read the next installment for the Rain Wilds.

  12. Robin
    I love the Rain Wilds books and I love that you are so adaptable and can write wonderfully well in different styles. I’m only sorry that we read faster than create πŸ˜‰
    I think you are amazing and I’m sorry you have had hard times. People are crap, stick with cats πŸ˜›

  13. Just picked up the dragon keeper last week, the first half was a bit slow but after that…. welll lets just say that the book is well worn from the rapid pace of page after page turning…. and now I await the third book in the series. Just finished the 2nd, Dragon haven and there was no slow spot in that book πŸ™‚ i read it in 2 days lol… i couldnt put it down… even in the car and i get car sick lol! Anyways can’t wait till the third, until then i will start picking up the rest of your works. πŸ™‚

  14. Just finished Dragon Haven and cannot wait for the next book. This is the first books I have read of yours and will definitely be catching up on the other ones. πŸ™‚

  15. If any of those books that are yelling β€˜me first!’ happen to involve the Fool and Fitz, I was hoping that in the interests of your readers’ happiness and sanity, it could come first. If not, as likely, then perhaps you could reassure me that they do find each other again because despite the hint that they might, I can still hardly see what I am typing for the tears!

  16. I’m looking forward to the new Rain Wilds book, and yet for some reason in the back of my mind I’m always expecting Fitz, Dutiful, or the Fool in one of his various persons to pop up. I, like many, are waiting anxiously for a new Farseer trilogy of some form to materialize in your genius imagination.

  17. Having finished my umpteenth readthrough of the Farseer and Golden Fool books a few months ago the ‘bug’ always surprises me. I literally picked up Assassins Apprentice just after it’s paperback release in the UK as a 12yr old – having read them through so many times since then it’s always a pleasant surprise to see another angle, experience another perspective etc as I get older myself.

    The news of new work is important, really, as I’m settling into that work/sleep/bill rutt of an adult and what better to bring me out of it?

    I’m extremely pleased your day job is creating something so many of us can enjoy, absolutely fantastic really.

  18. I’m so glad to hear we’ll be seeing more of the cast from Dragon Keeper & Haven! Really looking forward to the next book and discovering more about the dragons and the world.

  19. I enjoyed the first two Rain Wilds novels immensely and I am very much looking forward to this one.

    Best wishes! Happy writing!

  20. Just finished both books, craving for more. The way you develop characters from beginning to end is a unique talent and a marvel.

  21. Thank God for your work!! Truly beautiful, multi-faceted, thoroughly engaging, perfect stories! Love, love, love, my favourites forever! xxx

  22. Oh Robin, I am SO happy about this. I LOVED the Rain Wilds books. They were very different from the Liveship trilogy – less epic in scope, and less complex, plot-wise. But at the same time, they had the same wonderful characterization and life that you bring to ALL your books. Thank you for many, many hours of happy reading. I remember reading the Farseer trilogy when I was a freshman in high school and crying like crazy because it was so sad!
    My mom’s an author and is intensely private about her upcoming works, so I don’t expect you to answer this, but I keep finding myself wondering about Wintrow and Etta. My mom and I keep musing that their life in the Pirate Isles would be a fun setting for the “next book”!!
    Also, Althea and Brashen are two of my favorite characters…. It was so funny and sad reading about them so briefly in Dragon Keeper. I guess it is strange seeing characters you know so well introduced as merely background characters. I understand that their story is probably over (and truly appreciate that you don’t want to return to it simply for the sake of pleasing your readers) but it gave me a twinge of sadness when they left after 6 pages! Oh well.
    Anyway, thanks for your wonderful work and I’m a big fan!!

  23. Robin, I would just like to thank you deeply for the amazing world you have crafted for this world to enjoy. I have so much respect for you as a writer of modern fiction (the best, in my opinion). You are my favorite, without even a close second.

    I am currently reading through your Rain Wilds Chronicles again (while eagerly anticipating the next installment), and I just wanted to thank you for your nonchalant inclusion of men who are gay as characters in your universe.

    I remember when I first read through the Tawny Man trilogy, the respect I gained for you in regards to the Fool’s unconditional love for Fitz. When I picked up the Rain Wild Chronicles, I was not expecting such a prominent sub-plot with the focus being on a male couple. It is not just the inclusion of LGBT elements into the story that impresses me, it is the honest and knowledgeable manner (which is sadly atypical in the current publishing world) which you write with in regards to this aspect of your story. The standard cliches are avoided and the relationships are deep, complex, and wonderfully believable.

    Thank you for creating such real characters, reflective of real life and emotions.

    As long as you continue to craft worlds, characters, and stories of such depth, I will be a loyal reader and collector of your works.



  24. I read the nine earlier books, for me it is one serie.
    Great to have another one looking forward too. For me it is kind of homecoming reading the rain-chronicles. It is not finished yet. It is good that there is not a person who you can really hate in the book. It is possible to understand them all a bit not love them all. There are so many real people. They grow and learn. I can’t stop reading and then I feel so sad because it is over. I dream away in this world of dragons, lost worlds and lost people.

  25. I just want to thank you for picking up the story with those poor hatchlings. At the time I read the Fool’s explanation to Fitz about them, I felt somehow cheated, as if you’d quickly disposed of an inconvenient story line that didn’t work into the greater work as smoothly as you’d first hoped.
    I just finished Dragon Haven and look forward with pleasure to the continuation. At the risk of adding a tiny bit of a spoiler, I’m so happy to know that you don’t abandon your babies so easily as I’d once feared.

  26. Robin,

    I, as always, deeply appriciate your works. I love (and own!) all of your books, in paperback. For my very first Mother’s Day, I recieved a very treasured signed edition of Dragon Keeper. However, the binding fell apart before I finished reading it. What do I do? I hate to send it back, it is very significant to me.

  27. I am SO thrilled to hear that! I love the Rain Wilds and the chronicles about them were amazing! I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  28. I also truly appreciate all the relationships displayed within the books. As a gay man it was amazing to read and relate to the experiences of the characters in the series on a much more personal level.

  29. Hi Sarahnicklepickle (great screen name!)

    If the book that is falling apart is a hardback, well, that should certainly not be happening this soon! And I think you’d be justified in asking for a replacement.

    Paperback? Well, they certainly don’t last for me like they used to! I have paperbacks from the 60’s that look better than some of my recently purchased ones in terms of pages sliding out.

    Let me know!


  30. Robin,

    I will contact the place that it was purchased from, hopefully they will be willing to work. If not, I can shelf the hardback and buy a paperback for reading when it comes out here.

    The book is a hardback, I decided I wanted all of your books in hardback because, as you stated, sometimes paperbacks don’t last very long.

    I understand that hardbacks do sometimes fall apart, it just stinks it was a signed edition!

    Thank you for your advice, and I can’t wait to read what comes out next!