Packing for Italy

I know.  It’s only Sunday.  I don’t leave until Thursday.  But when I get excited, I tend to want to hurry the week along. 

Parma looks as if it’s going to be about ten to fifteen degrees warmer than it is here.  Maybe I’d better pick up some sun block, too!

I’m very excited to be going to Italy. This will be my first visit there, but the culmination of many bookish and imaginary excursions throughout my life.  Even before I took four years of Latin in highschool and immersed myself via translations in Roman history, I had visions of Italy from Roman mythology.  It will be interesting to see if the reality matches up with the Italy of my imagination.

I’m looking forward to meeting Italian readers, especially the members of Blood Memories.  Their enthusiasm for this visit has already made me feel very welcome!


8 Responses to Packing for Italy

  1. sounds like you’re starting the summer off right! hope you have a great time! finished D.K. and D.H.. always, i find plenty to eat at your table. Encore!

  2. that is one of the darkest,thickest,most delicious stouts to walk the planet. i’m so glad you liked it! say hello to “blood memories” for me! cheers!

  3. Hi!

    I just got back from Italy 3 weeks ago and I loved it! Beautiful place! I love Roman mythology as well and of course knew the sights to be seen but I really didn’t expect to be blown away by what I saw. I can’t really explain it in plain words. My hotel in Rome was right behind the Pantheon and the first day I got there I checked into my hotel and walked around the Pantheon and stood in front of it for a while. I am not sure how long since I couldn’t take my eyes off it. This ancient building amazed me not only because it was part of history but just the immense size and ancient look of it (for lack of a better phrase). Trevi Fountain, The Colosseum, Palestine Hill all the Rome sights are awe inspiring.
    I don’t know if you are going to Tuscany but I really hope you do. If you can go to this town, San Girmagnino. The darkest, medieval town I have ever seen. Lots of dark history!
    Have a great time! 😀

  4. When I go off on a book tour, my time is pretty much dedicated to that. And strange to say, but all around the world the interior of bookstores are remarkably similar. As are the back rooms! I wonder what it is about book stores that create such havens of papers, coffee cups and scatter?

    My sight seeing will mostly be incidental. I love to go for walks in my free time and just see whatever is in the vicinity of my hotel. I’ve had great good fortune in that area, finding little museums sometimes, or city gardens and parks, or simply admiring churches and old buildings. I also like to stare out the window of the train or car and absorb. For that reason, I seldom take a camera. For me, it distracts me from actually experiencing what I am looking at. I’m sure it is different for other people. The only time I really miss having one is when I want to take snapshots of people I’ve met. Maybe I’ll pick up a single-use camera just for that!

    Best wishes,


  5. We, your italian fans, have been waiting for years this visit! An advice: if you consider Italy through Roman tradition, you’ll probably be satisfied only in Rome, but Milano, Parma and Brescia are for the most Medieval(actually, of the renaissance) city. I however hope you’ll find some time to enjoy the trip!
    And not only the temperature is higher, but it’s even humid….sorry.

    p.s. you can’t miss in Milan the most beatiful gothic cathedral in the world, the Duomo! (very near fnac)

  6. And the members of Blood Memories are waiting for you with opened arms!!! 😀
    But be prepared, ’cause for example, here in Florence, is really really hot (31° now..)!
    Anyaway, see next week 😉 Now the dream comes true!!!

  7. Thank you for your books!
    Sadly I moved to Uk and I won’t be there to ask you to sign my books and shake your hand-.-
    Best wishes and enjoy the food and the weather! (which is all we have to offer-.-)