Updated Appearances

Here’s a last minute annoucement. Tomorrow, Monday, May 31,  at 3:45 PM Pacific time, I’ll be doing a radio interview with John Batchelor. www.JohnBatchelorShow.com  

Also, I’ve just updated my schedule for my upcoming tour of Italy. On the Robinhobb.com site, you will see my schedule to the right of this post. Please don’t think that my dates in Roma were dropped; they just don’t appear right now as my site limits how many dates I can display at once. I WILL still be visiting Roma on the 18th of June. Please come and meet me at Nouova Europa Bookstore at 6 or at the Fanucci Bookstore at 10 PM.

I hope to meet lots of readers!


UPDATE TO ABOVE POST:   We didn’t get to record the interview yesterday. A Mylar balloon apparently drifted into some power lines and caused a large power outage for several hours in Tacoma yesterday. And that knocked out my home phone as well.

So we will tape the interview today, and it will air on FRIDAY, June 4, on Mr. Batchelor’s book segment.  I’ll ask today what time that is on, and then I’ll post it here. Sorry for the confusion!

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  1. Hi Robin!

    I tried to listen to the radio show yesterday, but it was a very early morning here and I must confess I fell asleep during some political debate. I looked at their podcast page, but none of the files from yesterday mention you as a guest. Did the interview actually take place?

  2. Hi Mervi! Good to hear from you!

    Yesterday, Tacoma had a substantial power outage for several hours. It now appears it was caused by a Mylar balloon floating into some power lines! When power goes out, my home phone goes out, and Mr. Batchelor was reluctant to use my cell phone; the voice quality on it is poor.

    So we have rescheduled the interveiw for today. But it will actually be broadcast on Friday, as part of his segment on books! And that was my error, in posting that it would air yesterday!

    So, if all goes well, I’ll record today and it will broadcast on Friday.

    Thanks for all you do with The Plenty It’s a Hobb site that I’m always pleased to recommend to people looking for other readers or to catch up on news.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi! I would like to know IF (and when) the French “Royal Assassin” collection will be available at BAAM Publications. I already send to them a lot of emails but nobody answer me. I have #1 to #6 but it stop at the #6 ! When I will be able to have the #7 to #13 in the same publication ? Please, give me some news at chantal@microcomp.ca Thank you !

  4. Sorry for using this page for my question but I’m unable to find your email address. And sorry for my english, I know it’s not really simple to understand me. 😳

  5. Hi Chantal!

    I wish I had specific information for you, but the publisher’s website is always the best source for publication dates.

    I’ll ask around and see if anyone knows anything. 🙂


  6. Hi Robin/Megan

    I have a question but was unsure where to post it so apologies if this is not the best place for it…

    Do you have a collective name for the novels that encompass the world you have created in which the six duchies, rain wilds, bingtown etc etc exist? So like there are the farseer, liveship traders, tawny man trilogies & now rain wild chronicles, but do you have a collective name for any and all things written set in that world?

    I do hope there is more to come from that area, as it always seems like there is so much more to know about that world, just waiting to be written 🙂



  7. Hi Robin! I don’t know if it’s your work but I received an email from BAAM this morning! After all these months! …The second part of the collection will NEVER be published! 😈 :mrgreen: