The Joys of Milwaukee

I had an absolutely great day.  First, there was the radio interview.  And then afterward, I took advantage of Amanda’ s suggestions and visited the Public Market and then went for a stroll on the River walk.My shopping was mostly window shopping, my favorite kind.

Then I came back to the hotel and had some quality time with my characters.  I just love rising word counts.

Jennie, my author escort in Milwaukee, successfully navigated us to Boswell Book Company.  I have never seen road consruction on the scale they do it here!  It is almost as astonishing as the lake!

The Bookstore was delightful.  In addition to being stuffed full of books, of course, there was a display of art from local Montessri students.  I was particularly struck with the horse figures made from tinfoil and masking tape and yarn.  I was amazed that such simple ingredients could yield such cool figurines. And it was a great indication of the connection that Boswell has with the community.

I was warmly welcomed at the bookstore and it had a great set up for readings.

The reading and Q and A went well, with lots of good questions.  And afterwards I was able to meet Brad, a long time Internet friend, andalso Rashad, an ambitious young writer.  It’s always excitng to talk to someone who stands at the very beginning of a writing career.  And it was great to see the enthusiasm

On the way back to the hotel, Jennie introduced me to frozne cstard from Kopps.  Oh, my.  I cannot believe how good it was.  It is definitely something that Milwaukee should be sharing with the rest of theworld.  I had the red raspbery. 

Jennie, thanks for a unique Milwaukee evening!


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