Milwaukee, WUWM radio and Boswell Book Company

Time to pack up and get ready to move on again. Had a good night of writing!

On to the airport and Milwaukee. Tomorrow I do a public radio interview at 10 AM on WUWM-HD 89.7!

Than I’ll be signing at Boswell Book Company at 7 PM.

4 Responses to Milwaukee, WUWM radio and Boswell Book Company

  1. good luck!
    I have really enjoyed your books but only recently I have learned that You are a woman 😯
    Well done 😀
    By the way there is potential in Fitz’s story ❗

  2. Hey, I was hanging out with Bonnie at the radio station!
    But now I’m temporarily back at my desk to approve your comment before I wander out to explore the wilds of Milwaukee!


  3. Hey Robin! Love your stuff. Just finished Book two of the Rainwild Chronicles – will there be a book three? Seems with so much unresolved there will surely be one, but I’ve searched your sites for any mention of it and can’t find it. If there is, when do you think it will be out? So glad I found you!!! 😀