Launching Dragon Haven

Tomorrow evening at University Book Store in Seattle!

I’ll be there at 7.  I’m looking forward to reading from the new book for the first time!

Hope to see some of you there. Wish me luck!


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  1. As I read dragon Havon, I would like to know if there will be a 3rd book? Or is this the end? I loved it, and was so sad that I was on the end of it, I would like to know if there is final 3rd book coming?

    Thank you for informing me.


  2. When will it be available for my Kindle??? Yikes, I’ve been waiting for the 11th forever!!!!!

  3. A bit late, and possibly the wrong place for this, but is Dragon Haven the last book of the Rain Wilds Chronicles?


  4. Am very disappointed that Dragonhaven is not available on Kindle but is available on nook. I can only surmise that someone paid for exclusive rights to ebook. I have been an avid fan of Robin Hobb and have read all of her books. I am upset and probably won’t buy the book or any others from author and publisher until explaination is given.

  5. Hi Helena,

    That is my work in progress. I’m hoping to make it a satisfying stand alone read as well as a continuation of the tale. No title as yet.


  6. Dragon Haven came out in Dutch this month. It was again amazing. I finished this book just yet and i’m so in to this world right now. Thank you for this wonderfull book! I loved it!
    I really hope this wasn’t the last book about this world..

    One point of critisism, the Dutch translation is not always very nice 🙂
    Just like my English isn’t 😛

  7. o_o sorry if I’m a bit obtuse, but is that a yes, that Dragon Haven is the last one in the Rain Wilds series?

    Also, on that link you sent, Dragon Haven isn’t available in the Kindle store for Kindle users in the US, why is that?

  8. Hi Robin,

    I just scolded my library for not having Dragon Haven on order! They assured me that they will obtain a copy by next week.

    I am looking forward to reading the next installment. I absolutely loved Dragon Keeper. Actually, I love all your stories in the rainwilds. I read that fantastic short story in Legends II and am eager to read more set in my favorite location. It’s such an incredibly rich and imaginative world you’ve developed. Thank you so much!

  9. I have been purchasing your books as issued for the Kindle, but no longer as long as your publisher insists on the Agency Model. Harper cdollins needs to concentrate on publishing and quality control (hade to give the Kindle version of your last book away free after major formatting problens with the paid for copies.) and let Amazon, B&N, do thier job as retailers and not as agents.

  10. thank you and am sorry for being a hot-head but really enjoy your work so much that it mattered enough for me to express my displeasure (most things don’t) got my kindle version and can’t wait to read it. thank you again!!!

  11. It was a great event, and it’s always a pleasure to hear an author read her own work, so thank you for a great evening, and I can’t wait to get to the book!

    And thanks for being so willing to sign anything we put in front of you! 😆

  12. Dragon Haven finishes up The Rain Wild Chronicles. But I am at work on a book that continues some of the story lines from the Chronicles. I hope to have it finished by December. Not sure what the publication date will be.

    Here is the link for the US Kindle edition of Dragon Haven:

    I think there may have been a slight glitch that delayed the books availability in the US. Today is the official release day for the book in any edition in the US. That may have been a factor.


  13. Thanks Zach! I had a great time tonight. It was a good turn out and a great audience. It seems like an auspicious way to launch the book!

  14. I have spent a good dreamy week, since i got the second book in Brussel airport at 10th of May. As i arrived home, it appeared my son had already read it through, getting it from somewhere online. Anyway, but we have all the books too. So as i finished i came looking is there a continuation. I think the best part was of Thymara and dragon, also i love the character of Tarman. And my favorite dragon is Relpda – and my son didn’t accept this much. I think you should not let all the characters settle down in a marriage, this becomes a bit boring and takes away the developing tensions. And i would love if the wonderful persons from books before didnt disappear into boredom life (eg. Seldon or Malta). Good luck!