How Many Rain Wild books?

This seems to be a recurring question in the comments so I will answer it here.

The Rain Wilds Chronicles was written as a single manuscript, and then divided into two volumes for publication.  Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven are those two books.

My next published book will be a collection of stories featuring shorter works by both Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm.

The untitled book I am working on now picks up the tale of the Tarman expedition in search of Kelsingra.  It’s my work in progress and threatens to be a long book!

I hope that answers the question. And thanks to everyone who asked.


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  1. Hi there! I am currently reading Dragon Keeper and love it! I have Dragon Haven too and love the idea that I still have it to go once I finish DK!! I wanted to tell you that one of my favourite series of ALL time is the Assassin series! You are a really great writer – thanks for the great stories!!!!

  2. I just finished reading Dragon Haven and I loved it. I look forward to the next instalment

  3. Just finished Dragon Haven…it’s beautiful. Fabulous ending. Perfect…of course it’s left me wanting more, just like your books always have. Glad to hear there is more forthcoming!

  4. I’ts going to be a while. There is a short story collection in the pipeline, INHERITANCE, and that will appear next.

    Besides, I have to finish writing it! And I’ve been getting a lot of pages on my hotel days!


  5. This makes me very happy. Just read both books and still want more. Great characters that I now care about and a storyline that keeps tickling my brain.

    Great storytelling!

  6. Found your books last year and immensely enjoyed the Live Ship series and just finished Dragon Haven. Good to hear there will be more, the Rain Wilds Chronicles were a very worthy sequel series though it left me craving for more.

    As a long time fantasy genre reader I never thought gender would matter for me, but I find it extremely refreshing with a more female touch in your writing, thank you for that.

    On a final note; I’m a newly converted e-book fan and enjoyed the Rain Wilds on an iPad. I was however horrified at the amount of editing mistakes in Dragon Keeper. I’ve found this to be true in many e-books lately, though I’m glad to report that Dragon Haven was mostly free of editing flaws. It sometimes breaks ones focus on the story, perhaps this is something to bring to your publisher’s attention?

  7. I can’t wait for the next installment! I just finished Dragon Haven and really want to know what happens next. 🙂

    Thank you for writing such wonderful books.

  8. Only kidding.

    I don’t mind waiting. It’s enough to know that they are coming, the anticipation only adds to the joy.

  9. I’m not sure of the release date. There will be two dates, of course, one for the UK and Australia and another one for the US. When I know, I’ll definitely post it here. I expect it will be sometime in 2011.

  10. I do not have a definite release date for Inheritance. It will certainly be in 2011, and I suspect the UK edition will come out fairly early in the year, and the US a few months after that.

    But that’s not absolute. Thanks for asking!


  11. So I just finished both Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven on my kindle this past week and a half… These were my first time reading your work. I gotta say, I LOVE this story! The Characters are so intriguing, and the Dragons, wow.
    I have looked all over the website, and I see that you don’t currently have a plan for the next book to be released, but I just wanted to add my name to the list of the “Eagerly Waiting”! I can’t wait to hear of what the keepers & Dragons find and experience in Kelsingra! PLEASE keep up the great work, and Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful stories!

  12. Read most of your books. Loved them ALL. Thank you so much for sharing your gift- so imaginative, descriptive, real, unpredictable – AND well-written. They’re a joy to read & add magic to my days. Particularly liked Shamens Crossing, showed real empathy for shamanic view, & the feel of the trees/natural world was wonderful as always. I live your books as I read them, & am never disappointed. So thank you! (& I too will await your next fantasy…) Be well, be happy & bless you.

  13. This is a most fabulous new series! I am almost thru with Dragon Haven and I don’t want this series to end. You are a wonderful writer and I have just re-read the Liveship series.

  14. Thanks, Diane!
    Tonight in my hotel room, I’m very excited to keep typing on the story. I’m charged up about a sudden character insight that came to me today!


  15. Okay, you have seriously added something very important to my life with the stories you’ve written! I have read all of your books, although I didn’t get to buy your short stories, since I’m Dutch and therefor it’s kind off hard to get my hands on them.

    I am such a giant, huge fan of your work! It’s really refreshing to see a writer who not only focusses on natures beauty every now and again, but also isn’t tied down to the romantic and idealistic ”and they lived happily ever after”-ending.

    I guess it’s pretty hard for me to decribe my feelings about your books, because, like I said before, they have given more depth to my thinking and my look at life instead of ”just” being enjoying to me.

    Now please don’t go and think that I’m some sort of obsessive low-life who takes things way more serious than they actually are. Because I do know how to put fiction in perspective. 🙄

    I guess I just wanted to tell you how much your books have meant to me, since I’ve been in a really hard stage in my life a few years back and your books really helped me overcome that period.

    So yeah… I want to thank you from the depths of my heart (I hope that doesn’t sound too dramatic 😉 ) for your amazing stories and books which have granted me a lot of joy over the past few years. Keep up this fantastic work!

    Ps. I hope I haven’t annoyed you too much with my terrible English. My apologies for that! 🙄

  16. Robin, will Inheritance be your (or Megan’s) first collection? I’ve been slowly accumulating a F/SF short fiction library, and I don’t recall coming across any previous collections of yours.

  17. This will be my first collection of short stories. And I finally have a publication date to share. In the US, you can expect to see it in May of 2011, about a year from now.


  18. Oooops! Just read found this thread and read your statement at the top. Sorry for the redundant question I asked somewhere on these pages. I’m delighted that you’re working on the third in the Rainwild Chronicles. I’m bookmarking your site so I can check back periodically for news. Thanks so much for the wonderful stories. You make my long days worth the reward at the end – a couple hours of cozying up to one of your books.

  19. siiiiiiiiiiiikkkk!!!! love your books! I love how they all intertwine with each other subtly, and makes you think back to the previous characters in liveship and the fool and fitz books.

    Just finished reading Dragon Haven not 10 minutes ago, loved it and cant wait to read more. No doubt as to what i will be dreaming about tonight 🙂