Home again, for a few hours!

I’m so glad to be typing on a full sized, curved keyboard again!!!!  My fingers  love  it!

Last night, I visited Mysterious Galaxy, and as always, had a wonderful time.  There was a large friendly audience that was attentive to the reading and asked many good questions afterward.  And they gave me chocolate!  And a wondeful book called FEED!  What more could I ask!  I signed a lot of stock for them, so if you missed the reading but would still like a signed book, they can certainly help you with that. And they take requests by mail and via their website, so it works no matter where you live.

Then I went back to my hotel, packed, slept briefly and got up at 4 AM to head for the airport. (Kids, don’t try this at home!)  I didn’t sleep on the airplane, needless to say.  I cannot sleep sitting bolt upright.  Luckily I had an excellent companion with me, a book called One For The Money!  I’d never read Janet Evanovich before! Reached home, made and drank a large pot of coffee, changed into fresh clothes and headed down the freeway to Barnes and Noble in Olympia on Black Lake Boulevard.  And again I was met with a waiting audience of excellent listeners.   And they gave me spice tea!  (You see, this is why authors really do readings. We want the chocolate and tea and notebooks they give us!!!  Seriously.)

And I just happened to pick up the next Stephanie Plum adventure, Two For The Dough. Actually, I got two copies, because I will mail the first and second books off to my sister in Ninilchik while keeping one copy of the second book for myself to read.

Does that paragraph make sense?  I think I’m getting a little punchy here.

So, pretty quick, I will wander off to bed.   Because tomorrow is the road trip to Beaverton and Powell’s Books!!  I hope to be there by 4 PM, if they haven’t dug up too much of southbound I-5.   I’m met a number of people from my newsgroup and website, and that has been great fun.  I hope Peter is working tomorrow.  It’s always great to catch up with him with I make it down to Powells.

See you there!


9 Responses to Home again, for a few hours!

  1. We totally do it for the tea/coffee, chocolate, and bookie bits. And sometimes they take us out for dinner before or after.

  2. Is there any danger in letting this be known? 🙂

    Soon we’ll be sitting on the curbs outside bookstores with signs that say, “Will Read for Coffee!”

    Actually, that might be a really fun thing to do . . .

  3. Welcome to the world of Stephanie Plum. Somewhere in the ‘teens you will come to the exploding beaver.

    I embarrass my husband if we are out in public and I am reading a Plum novel. I laugh until I cry and snort and then I read it again and I start to snort all over again. I am only allowed to read PLum at home. ~_^

    You will laugh until you cry.

    Have fun.

  4. It’s difficult sometimes for someone in the UK to immediately grasp the amount of travelling required in the US to satisfy national commitments! Which leads me to ask, do you know when you will next be in the UK or is that entirely contingent on promotion of the next big book? I very sadly missed you in Nottingham last time

  5. You are a jet-setting machine Robin!
    I am going to stop nagging you to come to Australia for a while as I can see you have more than enough to deal with for the time being.
    Good luck and safe travelling.

  6. “Soon we’ll be sitting on the curbs outside bookstores with signs that say, “Will Read for Coffee!””

    It reminds me of the dedication from “Shaman`s Crossing”. Coffee`s good 😉 Better addiction like this than another one.

    Although I don`t tolerate coffee with sugar.

  7. “Feed” is as eerie as “1984” now that both don’t seem that far away. Even as a Guy, Evanovitch is a laugh out loud risk.