California, Here I Come! Right back where I started from . . .

And actually, that’s true!  Well, I’ll be back in San Francisco rather r than in Oakland, where I was born, but it’s pretty darn close!

And did I leave my heart in San Franciso? Well, let’s say that some of my best childhood memories are of that city by the bay.

I’ll be looking forward to making some new memories this week.  Ihope to see lots of readers!

First stop:  Books Inc on Wednesday.  Then Borderlands  on Thursday.  And down to Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on Friday!

See you there!

Robin Hobb

P.S.  And here’s a sentimental thing.  On my bookshelf, there is an old copy of a children’s book about The Brownies and the Goblins.  It was given to my father when he was a boy.  The giver?  One Buddy De Silva.  Who, of course, wrote the song that begins, “California, here I come . . .”

4 Responses to California, Here I Come! Right back where I started from . . .

  1. Just a note about tonights event (weds, May 12th, 7;30) with Robin the website notes it is in San Francisco It is actually Books Inc. MOUNTAIN VIEW 301 Castro Street (Downtown) our Phone # is 650 428 1234 I Hope Robin has the correct Address 🙂

    Doug Books Inc. Mountain View Ca.

  2. Robin, you my absolute favorite author…so I can truly say I’m devastated that I’m unable to make it to the store in the city by 7:30. 😥 I’m a student at Cal and my finals end at 6, there’s just no way with BART and the Muni to make it to see you! I hope you come to California again sometime soon, because I was looking forward to your visit for months, only to realize the unfortunate timing. My brother, who’s also a huge fan, might drive from OC to see you in San Diego. We both are teaming up to find a way to see you :] And get a book signed, or several! :mrgreen: Next time, you should return to visit your hometown and do a reading here. Plus, that’s super interesting about the song/book.

  3. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you Victoria. I’ll hope to meet your brother tomorrow at Mysterious Galaxy.

    I never get as much time in California as I would like! I’d love to revisit my childhood neighborhoods again.