I had a great time tonight at Borderlands in San Francisco. The new cafe next door to the book store is a great addition. I enjoyed a latte there, and then had a very nice evening with a very receptive audience.  My thanks to all.

On a sad note, I was very sorry that Ripley, the book store cat, is no more. They still have one cat in residence, and quite a lively one, but I recall Ripley fondly from my last visit. Book store cats are special creatures. RIP.

Tomorrow I will hop on a plane and head down to San Diego. There I’ll visit Mysterious Galaxy, one of my favorite stops on any book tour!  I’ll hope to see some of you there.


3 Responses to Borderlands

  1. I wish I could have been there to see you. I’m far away in Missouri and have discovered you late. I found Assassin’s Apprentice 3 days ago. Just finished Royal Assassin and reluctantly take myself off to bed at 2 a.m, knowing I have to get up at 6 and go to work. Worth it! – you are SO good! I will sleep well, both excited and satisfied to know I have many more Robin Hobb novels to savor….

  2. Wow. Thanks Carolyn! And one of these days I’ll make it to Missouri. I really want to visit every state at least once in my wanderings!