Isn’t it great to wake up in the morning with something magical to anticipate?

Today is Uncle Hugo’s day!

Uncle Hugo is a rara avis.  It’s an indepedent book store.  It’s a specialty book store.  It’s an SF/fantasy book store!  And it’s right next door to Uncle Edgar’s, which shares all of those credentials save that it is for fans of mysteries.

It’s a place of wonderful memories for me.  I signed there early in my career as Megan Lindholm, and they made me feel like a Real Writer.  I signed there with Steve Brust, my co-conspirator on The Gypsy.  And today I will sign there again, meeting new readers.  And having a meetup, also, with some wonderful folks from my newsgroup on    Karen lives in Minneapolis, but Tedrick will drive 11 hours to be there.  Cecile is flying in.  It will be great, not just to see Karen and Cecile again, and to meet Tedrick for the first time, but to gather them all in such an amazing place.

And who knows who else I might meet today for the first time.

And I even planned ahead.  I left room in my suitcase for the books that will somehow leap into my hands while I’m there.  And I’ve a notebook to jot down names and authors when my common sense comes to the fore and reminds me that airplanes have a weight limit on luggage.

The staff at Uncle Hugo’s are like personal guardians for my treasure hunt.  They will KNOW what I need to read this time. . . .

See you at 1 PM at 2864 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis.


One Response to Anticipation

  1. I had a great time! I signed lots of books for readers, and a big stack of stock as well. So, again, if you could not come to the signing, there is still a very good chance of obtaining a signed book at Uncle Hugo’s. They ship, too, so the signed books can be ordered from their website.