is an Italian Robin Hobb fansite.  I just visited for the first time.

What a  lovely site!   Before this, I did not know it existed.  I love the concept of using a compass rose to navigate the pages.

Thanks so much for letting me know about this.  This will be the perfect place for met to let readers know where and when I’ll be visiting Italy.

Best wishes,

Robin Hobb

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  1. Robin, thank you so much! We are honored that our website has come to your attention, your words have just made our day! We did our best to create Blood Memories only a year ago and, now more than ever, it was really worth it.

    We all look forward to welcoming you in Italy 🙂

  2. Hi Robin!

    I am one of the admins and in particular am the one who has planned the menu in the form of wind rose. I would never have imagined to receive your compliments and this makes me very happy!

    We are all very happy for the compliments and the visit to our site

    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Robin! I’m so happy for your nice words about our website!

    I’m looking forward to your trip in Italy! You’ll enjoy it!

    Thank you very much for your word and your work,


  4. You have a blog! Excellent! I started reading “Ship of Magic” after searching for months for a Fantasy that takes place on the sea. This book (Half way through now) is so much more than I expected. Thank you for going into the Nautical fantasy route that is so rare! You are a superb story teller. I wish I could be more eloquent in my critique but I wanted to say at least something to you. You now have a fan. I want to read all you write.

    So far my favorite character is Wintrow. He is so zen!