e mail woes

My spam filter has decided to indulge its megalomaniac tendencies this week. Today I found mail from both my daughters, an old friend and a note I sent myself in my spam filter!
If you have recently written to me and received no response, please resend. I don’t check the spam filter every day . . . well, at least I didn’t for a while . . . and your mail may have aged out and vanished.
For now, I’ll try to check it more frequently, and will again put my correspondents on my ‘trusted’ list.

Sorry for any inconvenience or delays!


17 Responses to e mail woes

  1. Hi Robin,

    What a pleasant surprise this is to discover I can write to the author of the book I am currently reading. 🙂

    Thank-you for your great books. I had stopped reading for quite some time, but felt encouraged again after picking up and starting one of yours (the Farseer trilogy). I am now reading the Mad Ship trilogy.

    I discovered this blog after searching for a link to inform others of your work to put in my own blog. 🙂

    I will add your blog to my own blog listings now and try to keep updated with your own life.


  2. Hi Lance!

    I’m pretty easy to find on the Internet. And for some reason, I that SF/fantasy writers keep in better contact with their readers than some of the mainstream does. If you want to find a trove of SF writers and their newsgroups, visit SFF.net A lot of speculative fiction writers make it their home. I have a newsgroup there, where I chat almost daily with readers and other friends.

    Glad to hear you are enjoy the Live Ships. I’m writing in that world again presently, and I should not be surprised that Malta is, as always, a difficult character to rein in. Try telling her ‘This book isn’t really about you.” She doesn’t listen very well, even after all these years . . .


  3. Robin,

    I look forward to reading your new most recent books, Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven. What do you like best about these most recent books? Also what character or characters that you have developed have grown the most on you and why?

    Are you taking a break from writing or do you have something(s) in the pipeline? I see that you are doing quite a bit of touring in the Pacific Northwest. Is there any thought to coming to lovely Florida?

    Thank you,
    Dianne 😀

  4. Dear R.Hobbs;
    A co-worker gave me the first set of three books,LiveShip Traders. I have read EVERYTHING you have written until today. I was given, by said co-worker, 3 of 4 books under Megan Lindholm, The Ki and Vandien Quartet.I read a lot. I have to say that I have not read such enjoyable and terrific work in a long time. The sad news is that the 3rd book in this series is missing! My co-worker actually got these 3 from England! I am wondering if you have an ideas on how to get the 3rd book in this series. AND while I was at the voyager website I noticed the dragon books!!! Woo-hoo! 2 more to indulge in!!!! If you have any way for me to get the 3rd in the series-The Limbreth Gate- I’d deeply appreciate it.Please keep writing! I am so happy that the dragons bring us back to the characters I love the most! You are an amazing writer. MJ Niven
    PS I have passed all of the books, 12 so far, to my grown sons who agree…you are quite the writer!

  5. I will send you to my favorite used book site! Try http://www.addall.com I love it. You tell it the name of the book you want, and it comes back with a list of various used book services that have it, what condition the book is in, how much it costs and where the store is. I’ve been very happy with it every time I’ve used it.
    Most of the Megan Lindholm books are out of print in the US. I think The Gypsy, a book I co-wrote with Steven Brust, is the only one that is somewhat easy to find.
    Thanks for asking!


  6. Hi Diane,

    Right now, I’m hard at work on another story set in the Rain Wilds.
    I think it would be hard for me to choose a favorite character. The great pleasure in being an author is that it’s rather like creating a movie in which I not only produce and direct, but I create the sets, write the script and get to play every role. So I enjoy each character as he or she comes along.


  7. I just finished The Tawnt Man Series and it was great. I loved the ending. It was the right ending. To many books end “happily ever after” and that is lazy. The ending can be almost more important then the story.

    Some other good endings are The Lord of the Rings (the books not the movie) and Stephen Kings Dark Tower series. The Dark Tower series ending i didn’t like but it was the right ending. Does that make sense?

    Thank you for your story.

  8. Robin,

    I would like to ask a question about the series, but wouldn’t want to type it here and post spoilers for others readers.

    This may sound very stupid, but how can readers contact you? I can’t find an e-mail adress : /

    Thanks for reading…I adore your books :)Just confused about a certain event in Fool’s Fate.

  9. I have recently finished Dragon Haven and am very curious, according to some websites I have seen it is the final installment in a two part set. Could you please tell me if this is the case.
    Also I would like to say how much I enjoy your books. It is quite amazing how different Robin and Megan are and how different they sound(?
    ) in their books.
    I have just started to read the Assassin books again. This will be the fifth time. I love them for the new nuances I pick up each time I read them. Small things that I did not notice the first time that add shades of colour and depth to the story. I also like to pick out catchy or surprising passages and read them outloud much to the interest and amusement of my partner.

    You are a truely gifted person and I thankyou for provinding myself and many other fans with a fabulous colourful world to enjoy time and again.

    Kindest Regards

  10. Hi,

    I doubt you remember me (so many fans!), I’m the Franco-Brazilian girl who wrote from Sao Paulo about her dream of publishing your books in Brazil ^^
    I just moved to NY for a 2 months internship and I was wondering (hoping!!) if you will be doing signings sometime in NYC after Dragon Haven is out?
    Loved Dragon Keeper btw (the first thing I did when I set foot on the US was to buy the book lol) !
    Phalene de la Valette

  11. Hi Kirra!

    Thanks for your note. I don’t know how to respond, sometimes, when someone says they are reading Fitz’s tale yet again. Thanks seems so inadequate. You’ve got my working day off to a very nice start.

    And, as it happens, I am working on a book that will continue the tale of the Rain Wild Expedition to find Kelsingra! I hope that is what you wanted to hear!

    With best wishes,


  12. Hi Phalene!

    Of course I remember you. It helps that you have what is for me a very exotic name. I always think you should be a character in a book!
    Unfortunately, I will not be visiting New York City on this book tour. I wish I were. I have not been to NYC since my daughter was a student at NYU. And that was many years ago. I hope your internship is going well. I suspect you are with a publishing house? I hope you enjoy your experience of the US and the company you work for.


  13. Hello,
    We are hosting you at Boswell Book Company on May 24th. I am very sad that I won’t be able to attend, as it’s the day before our book convention, so your host will be my fabulous and seasoned event host Stacie. I’m going to look through your site and blogs to see if I can find them, but if you haven’t done so, can you recommend two or three of your favorite fantasy novels that I can highlight and post? Daniel

  14. Hi Daniel!

    I’m so excited to visit Boswell Book Company! Discovering a new bookstore is like visiting a new country.
    I’ll look forward to meeting Stacie and readers. Sometimes if there is a nearby coffee shop, I like to sit down with readers and/or staff after a signing and just chat with people. So any tips about good nearby coffee shops would be appreciated!

    My favorite books. My house is stuffed with my favorite books, I’m afraid. It’s so hard to choose just three. Hm. George Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire has definitely been very high on my list for a long time now. Blake Charlton Spellwright is very good and very new. For older, how about The Bone Doll’s Twin by Lynn Flewelling.

    But I read a lot of stuff that isn’t fantasy.

    For an old read, you could choose just about anything by Kipling and you’d hit a favorite of mine. Out of my genre: Robert Parker’s Westerns, such as Appaloosa. Like almost all fantasy writers of my generation, discovering Tolkien was a life changing event for me. So The Lord of the Rings could be there. From the YA spectrum, there is Gaiman’s Coraline or McKinley’s The Blue Sword. From the kid’s section: Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus! Do you have any of de la Mere’s poetry collections? Lots of favorite stuff in there. Wordless picture book: A Boy A Dog and a Frog. Non fiction: Queen Victoria’s Little Wars.

    Too many good books and never enough time!