Babel Clash!!!

I just put up my introductory post over at BabelClash. 

Feel free to drop by and add some comments!


3 Responses to Babel Clash!!!

  1. i wonder if this small, unimportant message will actually reach Robin Hobbs?

    I simply want to say that I started reading ‘Assassin’s Apprentice’ and have slipped into the story as if it were a warm and deeply fragrant bath.

    There is an authority about the story telling, a sure-footedness, which leads the reader deep into the plot – making her glad to be there, and delighted that there is so much more of it to enjoy.

    Robin Hobb, I am so pleased to have discovered you.

    Sincerely, Penny Ibbott

  2. Okay. I’ll check it out. Wizard of the pigeons, Cloven Hooves (eh not too hard), and The Limbreth Gate are kind of hard to find and a bit expensive. I’m still working on completing my set 🙂

    The Reindeer People, Windsingers, Luck of the Wheels, Wolf’s Brother, and Harpy’s Flight weren’t hard to find. Well, take care.

  3. Thank you for the great pleasure I had in reading your books (Farseer and Tawny man). I have never encountered such a clear detailed but yet interesting writing.
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