We think. Despite more snow in the mountains, so that kids here are skiiing on their spring breaks, and several hail storms and wind that tore branches off the trees.  It’s still spring.

One of my great pleasures in visiting the Netherlands in years past has been the chance to visit the flower markets and bring home bulbs.  I’ve learned I have to be careful to purchase the ones that have been inspected for export, but it’s well worth it to get colors and petals on my tulips that no one else has locally.  Yet another year’s worth of blossoms are in the bud now.  The wonderful part about tulips and daffodils and other bulb plants is how they multipy and come up in larger and larger clumps every year. 

The hard part about spring, of course, is keeping my mind focused on my work.  I really have to use this next month well. April is going to be an intense writing month, because I have to cover more ground than usual  because May will be a traveling month, with a lot of book signings.

Then comes June, also a busy month as our last child graduates from high school.  And that momentous event will be followed by my making my first ever trip to Italy.  This is still in the planning stages with Fanucci, but as I know more, I will post it here.  I’m very excited about it.

Best wishes,


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  1. Spring! It sounds lovely, as we’re moving into Autumn here and it’s bitterly cold this morning. Never mind, I shall live vicariously through the internet until September.

  2. Spring would be nice, but in Australia we are moving into Autumn – lovely. Is there going to be a 3rd book in the TainWild Chronicles – hope so – love the books

  3. It is nice outside. I bet the Netherlands are beautiful. I have enjoyed enough movies from around that region to make me curious as to what it would be like to see the country first hand someday. As a whole MMO games have lost their luster for me recently so I have traded the time spent for Royal Assassin. Good trade but the book is disappearing rapidly. I’m on page 595, and feeling a recurrent urge to shake my fists and yell. The wife is asleep so I will do this at a whisper whenever the urge strikes me. Hope to see you well. Thanks for the joy. I’ll spread the word about your books as best I can and as much as I can.

  4. Hi Robin,

    I just wanted to leave you this message after reading an old post of yours “repeat from the newsgroup”, but feel free not to post this comment seeing as it doesn’t really apply to your “spring” post and is really long!

    I started reading your books when I was 10, after my mother handed me a copy of Assassin’s Apprentice that had been read so many times by her and my sister it was in three separate pieces! It was your books that fostered a love of reading in me, so I owe you a BIG thanks.

    I am writing because I was deeply saddened after learning that you had gotten such negative, and frankly stupid, feedback, and wanted to let you know most of us don’t feel that way at all! I don’t think people realize that one reason they feel so strongly about the characters in your books is because you don’t just give them formulaic happy endings. I am sure that if you had written some contrived ending maybe that the small proportion of readers who feel strongly enough to send you angry feedback might have been momentarily satisfied, and then forgotten about your books altogether. The endings to your books have had me crying for days, but that is why I still remember them 5 years after reading them. True friendship would demand that you put the happiness of those you love above your own, and of course sometimes that is going to be hard, even tragic. I would have totally lost respect for your characters in the endings suggested in fanfiction etc. In fact they are so totally out of character it seems ridiculous to even contemplate!

    Also, in response to your feeling that some of your readers missed the point entirely, I’m afraid I’d have to agree that those who sent you those comments did (particularly about love sometimes entailing self sacrifice – I’m really not sure how they managed to ignore that theme though, it’s pretty big!). But all of my friends (and I’m sure most readers) have been touched by your messages about love and friendship. I read your books as I was growing up and I know they changed the value I place on friendship now.

    Sorry this has been so ridiculously long! To summarize: I LOVE your books, they have been my favourites since I was a child, your stories are amazing and I hope you keep faith in your endings. Please don’t think most people hated your books because you didn’t suddenly change your main character’s sexuality and/or make him forget everything else in his life. If you decide to write more books I hope you write whatever feels right for you – it’s certainly worked in the past. Goodness knows there is enough fantasy out there where everyone just pairs up happily in the end!



  5. Hi Robin, thanks for writing such great Rain Wilds books! I really enjoyed reading them and getting to know the characters and just ‘being’ in the Rain Wilds (my favourite place in the Hobb world).

    I’m so glad to read in your other post that there will be a third Rain Wilds book! I read in some review sites that this series ends at two books, but I didn’t believe them because how could it end just… there? 😯

    Looking forward to the next one. Have a great Spring!

  6. Hi There!

    It is spring in the Netherlands right now, though we haven’t seen any Sun lately, but it’s getting warmer by the day!

    Just letting you know i am a Huge fan of your books, and have read them all! In english mind you, the way it’s meant to be read; not the dutch versions..

    And ofcourse, Fitz, for me, is the best character ever..

    Groetjes, Nick! 😮

  7. Obviously the wrong place for this, but I couldn’t find the right place:)
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your books have been a real pleasure to read (though you lost me a lot of sleep!). I just finished the Soldiers Son books and after the initial sadness that it wasn’t Farseer related I think I actually enjoyed them more than your previous work. Just about to order the Rainwilds books from Amazon….

    Keep up the good work 😉

  8. Hi robin,

    I have just discovered your books and love them 😀 I have just devoured the Rain Wild Chronicles. It was true pleasure being absorbed in those novels.Loved the characters and the setting. Thankyou! Would love to just keep on reading it. Wish it hadn’t finished. 😥