Live Interview Today with Vicki St. Clair

That’s the link!

Today at noon, my time (and I’m Pacific Time) I’ll be doing a live interview. It will be heard live on Seattle’s KNNW AM 1150 but will also be available at Vicki St. Clair’s website, Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair.

I’m looking forward to this; you can visit the site and skim back through the podcasts to see that she has a lively and friendly style, and knows the good sort of questions to ask writers.

So, if you are curious to know what my voice sounds like or to know more about my current and past projects, tune in today (Monday, March 1) at noon.

And if you are coming to this announcement late, no worries. You’ll find the interview preserved on the Conversations with Vicki St. Clair website.


6 Responses to Live Interview Today with Vicki St. Clair

  1. I am so sorry I missed that! That would have been great, even if all i could do is listen! Pointless, I guess, to say I am a fan -aren’t we all?- but there it is. Honesty always wins out! What I really, REALLY want to ask is this: are we ever to see the return of Nevare Burvelle, or does the Soldier Son Trilogy finish him off?

    I know you get Q’s all the time, and don;t have he time for a fantasizer’s A’s. However, you should know you helped to inspire my own first trilogy– hopefully I’ll get published, and my thanks to you might be at the beginning or the end!! Thanks, Robin!!! 😛

  2. Hi Jake!

    It was a fun interview. I think it’s now available in the archives on the site.

    As far as Nevare, well, for now I do not have plans to return to his story. But if I get an absolutely stunning plot idea, I would not hesitate.

    Best wishes,


  3. I can’t believe I missed it! I still hope I could bother you with a question, however.
    After reading The Farseer Trilogy I completely fell in love with fantasy novels with a first-person perspective. So I guess my question is; Will you be writing more books or trilogies with a first-person perspective, even though they may or may not have anything to do with Fitz or Nevare?

    Thank you for all the fantastic, heart warming and tear jerking books! 🙂

    //Kristoffer from Sweden

  4. Wow! I’m only52 pages into Assassins apprentice and it dawned on me that I think your characters just have an honesty about them. I read a LOT of epic fantasy and sci fi and I knew from the first five pages that this book was well written. May I email you my thoughts on the book when I finish?

  5. I miss ya. I just sent you a note letting you know what happened to me and Cassie. Sadly we had to vacate WA state for TX. I hope you get out this way at some point there is a very worthy independent book store I just got your latest from. Best wishes. Nevare is never very far away and thanks for what he bacame!