New Dragon Haven events added!

I’ve  just added some updates to the events schedule.  For the first time, I’ll be visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  On May 24th, I’ll be signing at Boswell Books and on May 25th at Next Chapter books in Mequon.

And while I’m in San Francisco, on May 12th I’ll be at Books, Inc, the Mountain View location, at 7:30 in the evening.

As I know other details, I’ll add them. 

This is going to be a lot of fun.  Hard to make myself settle down and do my work until then.


7 Responses to New Dragon Haven events added!

  1. Hello Robin!
    My family and I love your work ~ I’m almost abashed to say that I have developed the habit of reading through your books about yearly and adding new as I acquire them. It was occurring to me that I would love to learn more about Crossfires Coterie and the other Coteries in the early days. I am reading through the Apprentice series yet again and would dearly love to know more about those earlier days of Buck and the Six Duchies. Particularly Kettle and her Coterie. Are there any plans in the future of continuing along this line?
    Respectfully yours,

  2. Thanks to Amazon Kindle for my iPhone, I found your first book Assassin’s Apprentice for free. Sence  then I have bought the other two books in the seires and am currently on the third book now. I  am fastly becoming a very big fan of your stories. I would like to thank you for allowing Amazon to offer me access to your books that my local book store dose not seem to have in stock. Your style of writing has truly been a joy to read. I find I start reading and have a very hard time stopping. It is as if I become  immersed in this world you have created. Every detail I am abile to see in my minds eye. I find I can’t read the words on the page fast enough to see what happens next. I make myself slow down though, so I can saver each moment in the story. I love living in the this world you have writen about for that’s what it seem like for me I feel i’m right there witnessing these events as they unfold. You keep me on the edge of my seat. I never know what will happen next. Just like in real life you never realy  know what will happen. I just want to thank you again for a job WELL DONE!!!!!

    Ps may you all ways write great storys like this.

  3. I enjoyed coming back to the world of the Liveship Traders. Your newest book in this world grab me and kept me enthralled thoughout the book. I am anxiously awaiting the follow oo book and will be keeping a sharp eye out for it.

  4. Hi Anne!

    Thanks for your encouragement. It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoy the books that much.

    I don’t, right now, have plans for Crossfire’s Cotery though it is a tale close to my heart. In my spare time, off to the side of the novel I’m contracted for, I’m working on a piece about the Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince that will shed some light on what really happened there . . . that is, if we can trust the narrators to be be truthful! I’m having a lot of fun with this, but right now, it’s just a side project. No idea when (or if!) I will get it finished or published.

    Thanks again for your comments. They really encouraged me to think more about the Piebald Prince.


  5. Dear Louis,

    You know, I’ve actually signed a couple of Kindles in my most recent book tour. And I’ve had at least a dozen people tell me that the ‘first in a series free’ promotion was what opened the door to my books. So I’m really glad that we took that chance as it does seem to have been well worth it!

    Thanks for letting me know that the books are working for you. I really love my characters and that world, so it’s wonderful to hear that the readers are enjoying them as well.


  6. Hi Tine (guessing at your name!)

    Thanks for the feedback on Dragon Keeper. I love the Rain Wilds. If I could, I’d move there! Right now, my closest retreat is my own little four acres of choice swampland . . . I mean wet lands. So much life happens around water.

    Dragon Haven comes out in March in the UK and Australia, and May in the US, so there’s not too long of a wait. I hope you’ll enjoy the wind up to the tale.

    Thanks for being a reader!