Interview at SciFiChick and other news

Just yesterday I did a question and answer session with the website SciFiChick.  It’s already up tthere today, and with a bonus. People who leave comments on the interview are entered into a drawing for a limited edition dragon figurine.   It features pocket dragons by REAL MUSGRAVE!!  If you’ve never seen Pocket Dragons, you can scroll down and find the image below the interview. They’re adorable.

Today I spent time with Shawn, signing copies of Dragon Keeper for his autographed book service, The Signed Page.   It was wonderful to see such a nice tall stack of hardbacks waiting to be autographed.

We were talking about how soon Dragon Haven is coming out.  May isn’t that far away.  Soon Shawn will be putting up a link on the page for people who wish to advance order copies of Dragon Haven.  And, if you wish, you can order both hardbacks as a set and have them signed and shipped to you.  If you enjoy owning signed first editions, The Signed Page is a great website to watch.

Other reminders for March!  Warriors, edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois will have a March publication.  Tor is the publisher.  In addition to my story, there are TWO tales from George RR Martin, and stories from such luminaries as Gardner Dozois, Naomi Novik, Joe Lansdale, Peter S. Beagle . . . and the list  just goes on and on!  EDIT AND CORRECTION!No.  There is only one George RR Martin ‘tale’.  The other is his introductory piece! Sorry to be confusing!

But the big news for me is happening in the UK.  March 4th is the release date for Dragon Haven in the UK. It’s the concluding volume of the Rain Wilds Chronicles, and finishes the story of the dragons and their keepers.  It has a stunning cover by Jackie Morris.  (Scroll down on Jackie’s site to see covers for some of my books!  As well as heartbreakingly lovely pictures of ginger cats!) 

I’ll be adding some more dates to my events calendar soon.  I have a feeling this whole year is going to just race by me.


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  1. I can’t wait. I pre-ordered from a UK book site so that I didn’t have to wait for it to get to shops here in Australia.

    Also, it helps that buying online means I don’t have to go into a bookshop and spend more money than I should. Ahem.

  2. I just finished *Dragon Keeper* and am massively frustrated! Gaaaa!!! I’m just about as frustrated with some of the idiotic comments by reviewers on, though. Apparently some of those people didn’t “get” the book at all.

    Robin Hobb, I am in awe of your immense talent; you are my favorite living fantasy author, and my husband and I, I’m happy to report, have gotten two other people thoroughly addicted, too. Can’t wait for the second volume to come out….sigh (but I have to). You’re right–May will be here soon enough.

  3. oooh oooh! I just realised that Dragon Haven will be out in less than 3 weeks!!

    That’s absolutely fantastic!

    And fantastic too about this new anthology! I’m definitely gonna buy it too. TWO Martin tales in there?! yeeeepee.

    Thanks for the great news Robin oh and I love the interview too. 😀

    ^s. I didn’t see any dates planned for March in Appearances, does that mean you have no travelling plans for next month?


  4. Nadine, I need to correct that. I had only a quick glimpse at the table of contents at Shawn’s house. I don’t have my copy yet! And I saw George’s name twice and jumped to a conclusion. No. He has one story and did the introduction to the book. Which I’ll still enjoy reading; he could make a grocery list interesting! But no, one George Martin story. Sorry to have misinformed!

    And how are you? Ages since we’ve emailed or talked!!!


  5. Oh, Ardella, I don’t look at Amazon reviews. No, no, no, very bad for the concentration. I’ll just take your word that if I went there, I’d gnash my teeth and litter my keyboard with my pulled out hair!

    Besides, I’m mad at Amazon over the whole e-book fracas. That was such a Walmart move: “Price all your e-books at $9.95 or we won’t sell your books at all!” And then they disabled the buy button on everything published by Macmillian. Which totally messes up authors, not just the publisher!

    So. Well, Amazon, maybe I’m not as powerful as you, but I can choose where to spend my dollars. I just ordered a book from Duane at University Books. The book will be as good and it was more fun to order it there.

    So take that, Amazon! :0


  6. Oh my! Robin, you’re amazing. I’m speechless.

    Let me just regain my voice, to say, thanks for answering and too bad I missed you last year when you came to London. I’ll be waiting for the 2011 Imaginales convention to see you again then and perhaps bring you more of those Swiss chocolate ;).

    Thanks for correcting the info about WARRIORS. I’ll still be looking out for it anyway, heh. One Martin story is still better than no story at all, and I’m still saving some from his huge Dreamsongs book. Some delicacy dishes have to be consumed slowly to be fully appreciated. The important is not to be starving so you don’t gorge on it as soon as you have it served to you…*grins*

    Mmm. Speaking of that, I can’t thank you enough for recommending Brandon Sanderson. He’s truly a great author. I just read his WARBREAKER online e-book last month and that was a fantastic journey. MISTBORN was great too but I have a particular fondness for ELANTRIS.
    I might just begin Wheel of Time only because he has worked on the final books. 😉

    Otherwise, here’s it cold and snow and ice, it’s been days since I saw some blue sky or some sun… but as I’m currently not working anymore, at least I can stay home curled in a blanket and read some good books. 😉

    Have a good weekend, Robin!
    Hugs 😀

  7. I am already getting excited about Imaginales. Can you believe it will be the Tenth anniversary for the festival? Seeing you there would be great.

    Curling up in blankets and reading sounds great. I’m midway through a Patricia Briggs werewolf tale and wish that finishing it was my task for the day! I made a mistake and started with the second book, but I’m still enjoying her story.

    Today is gray and going to rain here, but I still have to go outside and get some work done at our old place. We need to move a big pile of unsplit firewood. I’m going to be wet, muddy and cold before we are done! But at least it will be finished, and we will be one step closer to being able to put in some rhododendrons.


  8. Hi Robin
    Only just found this. I have to say that I am looking forward to reading both Dragon books again when Dragon’s Haven comes out, and for those that haven’t yet got their hands on Dragon’s Haven it is even better than the first. So loved it.
    Beautiful day here and I have the warmest fire burning. Have one more painting to do and then will have finished another book and then I have a tantalising manuscript waiting for me to loose myself in. Such a treat. Can’t wait, but have to get the art done for this picture book first.
    best wishes to you and all your felines from me and mine.

  9. Without R.J.’s untimely passing, I wouldn’t have even known about Brandon. Getting into his writing was one of the greatest discoveries of these past few years……truly awe-inspiriing talent. For me, WOT is the greatest series I’ve EVER come across………live in that world all day… Of course, Brandon recommended Robin, so now I frequent this site as well!

  10. Robin, I just came across your books about 2 months ago, and finished three of your series. I have already re-read the books about FitzChivalry and the Fool/Beloved/Lord Golden. You are my new favorite fantasy author. Do you have any interest in returning to that series so we can get to know the Fool more completely? I confess that I was very unsatisified with the ending of Fool’s Fate. Given that those with the Skill could extend their lives beyond normal human years, I was truly hoping that Fitz and the Fool would form a bond, as the Fool was truly not human. Their story touched me and left me hungry for more.

  11. Dear Robin, thanks for your books!
    Please, tell me how can you write so much and blog at the same time!
    Are u planning to come to Italy in the future?

  12. Davide, I’ve never been to Italy, except in my dreams. I took a lot of Latin in high school, and of course that meant studying a lot of Roman history. Someday, I do want to see what remains of that time; it seems so real to me and so significant to the world.

    Write and blog. Well, the blogging is dangerous to the writing hours. So I try to stay on a schedule and say, “This much time, and no more!” The best, of course, is to write my pages every day before I venture out on the Internet.


  13. Dianne, I’ve often thought of going back to that story. If I can come up with an absolutely wonderful tale, one that fits my characters and world and one that I think my readers would love, then I’d go back. But until then, I’d rather leave it as it is.


  14. Hi Mike!

    I am a bit impatient, I’ll admit, for Brandon Sanderson to tie up things at the Wheel of Time and get back to writing in his own worlds!!!

    Spoiled me with those first books, he did!


  15. Jackie, thank you so much for dropping by!
    Jackie is the amazing artist for the current UK covers for my books. If you’ve never visited her site, follow the link in her post above. And take a bit of time to explore her passion for ginger cats! It’s well worth it.


  16. Hi Nadine!

    Of course, I was WRONG about two George Martin tales in the anthology. I was glancing through the TOC too quickly, and saw his name by the introduction and jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    March is my stay at home and work very hard month this year. I hope to get my garden off to a good start as well as my new book!