Had a Great Time at Fort Lewis

Signing table at Fort Lewis PX

This was my first time to sign at the PX.  And it was great!  Meghan met me at the gate to give me my visitor pass, and then took me to the PX and in the back hall. So many posters of people who have signed before there. Hulk Hogan!  Gracie, of  Brazilian juijitsu fame. Terry Brooks, of course!  And lots of cheer leading teams and all sorts of other celebrities. 

The staff made me very welcome (Godiva chocolate!)  And the signing table with the back display was spectacular.  I had a nice line of people waiting for me.  I think what struck me the most was how nice everyone was, not  just the PX staff, but the people in line, too.

I had an absolutely great time.  And now I’ve got a US Army T-shirt and a coffee mug with the US army logo.   Maybe I should wear the T-shirt when I greet my Marine Corps nephew when he gets home from Afghanistan?  Or, hm.  Maybe not.  🙂


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  1. Hope I can attend to one of the “events” one day. Just finished Dragon Keeper, How will I ever be able to wait till March for the rest of the story to unfold… luckily life with twin toddlers makes time pass by in a flash.
    Haven’t reseached about it but is it to be a triology, is the title of the 3 volume know?
    Nice day Mrs Hobb, nice day everyone

  2. Hey, that’s me in the lime green, second in line at the Ft. Lewis signing! Meeting you was great, I’m so glad I could go! I found out about it last minute so I’m really glad it worked out. I’m going to try to go to the one in Seattle, for the release of Dragon Haven. Can’t wait 🙂

  3. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever described the dragons’ eggs.

    I suspect that they’d be rather like turtle eggs, with shells more leathery than brittle. And camouflaged to blend in with the sand and protect them from predators.

    Good question. I think you should let your imagination run wild. Just because my dragons’ nest on beaches it doesn’t mean that yours have to!


  4. We (actually my son!) had my neice’s twin girls for an overnight just this last weekend. They are about 18 months now. Holy cow! They can cover ground so fast, and think of things to get into while we are still baby-proofing whatever they found ten minutes before!!! So you definitely have my respect. How do you even find time to read?
    But it was a blast having them. My grand-daughters had a wonderful time with their little cousins.


  5. Ours will turn 2 next month (ah…. those legendary dreaded “terrible 2”) Twins really are a challenge and a treasure to grow with, because children do have that capacity to make you both grow into who you really are and bring you back to your own childhood again where the world is delightful, surprising and fun, and it really is. I’m thorougly enjoying my return to childhood as a grown up woman! How do I find time to read, well I took some time off work (English Teacher)and I can do the house chores when they are napping so that I can still read in the evenings, sometimes througout the night. I actually finished Dragon Keeper in the early hours one morning as i was keeping watch over their sleep disturbed by a double nasty stomach virus which is still bugging them today. Those challenges make you enjoy the “ordinary days”, don’t they?
    Enough rambling, thanks for your kind words.

  6. Thanks Robin,I already had a fairly good idea of how the eggs were going to look. I was just interested to see how you thought about them. Thinking about turtle eggs you have spun me off thinking about texture on the eggs. hmmm Thanks. I will send you a photo of the eggs when I am finished if you like? cheers Kim

  7. Yeah I got to talk to Mike for a few minutes, right before you got there. He had a couple Megan Lindholm books. Will you be signing as just Hobb at Seattle, or will you also sign as Lindholm? I know I have a few of those, I just didn’t find them in time for this signing. I have a lot more books than bookshelf space so the majority of my reading materials are stuck in boxes until I get more room, and that’s where the Lindholm books are hiding!

    Thanks again for coming.

  8. Hi,
    I hope you can filter this comment as it isn’t directly related to that news.
    I couldn’t find any other way to reach you, And I just wanted to thank you for your farseer series. I have just finished it and I feel I have lost so many friends and especially a very good one (fitz). I have always this feeling when finishing your books and It convinces me that it means that you are a wonderful writer.

    Thanks again from france 🙂

  9. This may well be a well known thing as to whether you travel to the UK or not but I’m new to the site, any thoughts on travelling to our side?

  10. Hi Sebastian!

    No need to filter that! Thanks so much for letting me know that you’ve enjoyed the books. Fitz and the Fool remain two of my favorite characters. It’s nice to know they resonated with you as well.


  11. Great pic!….LOL.

    ‘Twas a fun time indeed…….just finishing up my first Megan Lindholm read tonight (The Reindeer People)…..was an interesting experience, with the cultural descriptions and details.

  12. Well, I hope that ‘interesting’ means that you enjoyed it, Mike! I think the Lindholm stories are very different from the Hobb ones. Some readers like both voices and some prefer one or the other.
    Thanks for bringing the books to the signing.


  13. Again…..thanks for coming to Ft. Lewis!

    The obvious research that was done for the healing and various ceremonial and other descriptions was fascinating to read. In the next few days I’ll try to get to the sequel…….and from there Soldier’s Son!