The Signed Page

A note from Shawn reminded me that it was time to put a reminder here!

If you would like a personalized signed first US edition of Dragon Keeper or just a signed copy, but cannot attend any of the author signings, there is an alternative. 

Please visit The Signed Page.  There you will find information on how to order a copy and let us know exactly how you would like it signed.

Oh, and Robin Hobb books are not the only ones you can find there.  Shawn works with a lot of authors.  I see that Blake Charlton will be signing Spellwright.  And there is Dan Simmons and Peter Straub, and it looks like he has signed copies from Terry Brooks as well.

The site is well worth a look if you enjoy having signed and personalized books on your shelves.

There is a February 10 deadline to order them!  Shawn extended it for us.

Robin Hobb

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