Back at home on Sunday after spending all day Saturday at Rustycon. It was at the Sea-Tac Marriott, the same venue that Steamcon used. It’s truly a lovely setting for a convention, with an indoor pool surrounded by an jungly atrium in the middle of the hotel.

Rustycon was smaller than I remembered it being, but other convention goers told me that attendance this year is actually up following a couple of very slow years.

On several of my panel discussions, audience and panelists were equal in number. And I gave a reading for 3 people and signed exactly one book! So a bit of a slow convention for me.

The positive side of a very small convention is that there is time to talk to people. Tiny audiences mean that ‘panel discussions’ actually become conversations in which the panelists learn as much as the audience does. I spent some wonderful time with Darragh Metzger from the Seattle Knights, a performance and re-enactment group. It was good to catch up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

I’m a bit tired today, and it is Sunday. So even though I overslept and missed Mass, I’ll think I’ll refresh myself by doing some out door things today. It’s a grey day, with rain from time to time, but I like to work outside on cooler days. I much prefer it to working in the hot sun.

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  1. Hello !

    I was trying to comment on a previous post, but apparently, comments are disabled after a while.
    Anyways, you were asking what we were looking for on an author’s website? For me: teasers, teasers, teasers ! :p
    I also liked on your old website, the other authors you liked, and more generally what you’re up to at the moment.
    Hope this helps !

  2. I think we’ve got it repaired!

    Thanks for letting me know, and if it acts up again, please ping me about it.

    It’s still a work in progress!


  3. Teasers? Oh, we can excerpts and teasers.

    I have an important meeting to go this morning. But when I get back, I’ll try to post an excerpt from Dragon Keeper, and one from Dragon Haven.

    With lots of spoiler warnings, of course!

    I will miss the old website, but it was not easily updated, and thus I let it get very stale. With this one, I hope to keep it much more current and informative.


  4. I think the comment button is fixed. Perhaps you’d give it a try and we’ll see if it works.

    I do have it set that all comments have to be approved by me before they appear. More on that in a bit! There is a good reason for it.


  5. Just a note to say I like the new site… but note that the comment section is not active on the post where you welcome us to the new site. I was hoping to find news about new books of yours… hint 😉

  6. As a good fan, I’m doing as you asked and testing to see if it works now 🙂 Testing testing.

    On a more serious tone, thank you so much for your wonderful work.

    Hope to see you in France for the release of Dragon Haven !


  7. Hi Anne. Or should I say, Bon jour?

    I will be coming to France for Imaginales in May of 2011. I know that is a bit over a year away, still, but I’m already looking for ward to it. Imaginales in Epinal will be celebrating its tenth anniversary! Can you believe that? So I’ve already marked the possible dates on my calendar. I’ll be hoping to see many French friends there, both old and new.

    As soon as the dates for Imaginales are finalized, I’ll add them to my events calendar!


  8. That is a bit far away indeed, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait 🙂

    Thank you so much for your answer ! Take care.