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There have been several posts about being able to leave comments on the site. I think the comment buttons for the current posts are working now.

After 14 days, readers cannot comment on older posts. This is to keep me from going crazy. 🙂

Comments also have to be ‘okayed’ by me before they will appear on the site. I’ll try to do this promptly, but if a day or two passes and you don’t see your post, please be patient. I will do my best to get to them.

Why do I ‘okay’ posts? Do I censor them? No. I’m removing spam. But if someone does ever send me an abusive post, I probably won’t put it up here.

That’s it for now! Back to work for me. This has just been a really crazy week, but this website is among the things that have gone right for me.

Thanks, Erik, for all your help and advice in setting this up!


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  1. Hi Robin,

    I wanted to ask a question that may be of interest to your other fans.

    As a new reader to your books I’ve just read the Farseer Trilogy and enjoyed it immensely. I’m wondering what to read next of yours? Do your novels continue this story in another direction? Or is there a particular order that I should be reading other novels in?

  2. The Regard!
    With love from Ufy (this city in central Russia, province South Ural).
    Possible hear, when Renegade Magic will translate into russian?

  3. I think I should put up this answer in the FAQ as well, as it is definitely a frequently asked question.
    The Farseer books and the tales related to them were written in chronological order, so that is how I recommend they be read. So after the Farseer Trilogy comes The Liveship Traders trilogy. And after that, the story goes back to the tale of Fitz and the Fool in The Tawny Man trilogy.
    Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven, the two halves of the Rain Wilds Chronicles come next in the history of the world.

    Thanks for asking. But now I have to figure out how to add to the FAQ!


  4. Mari, I am thrilled to hear from a Russian reader! Thank you for visiting and commenting here.
    I wish I had a definite answer to your question. Translations often depend on the translator’s schedule, as well as the publisher’s schedule. Right now, I don’t know when Renegade’s Magic will be translated. Perhaps the publisher’s website lists a date for forthcoming books?
    Thanks again for visiting here!


  5. I have just re-read the ‘Soldier’s Son’ trilogy. It ia a wonderful series, excellently characterized, beautifully written. All your books have been good, this a masterpiece. I believe it is the first fantasy genre series I have read to be on a level with Tolkien (though very different). I sent it to my daughter in Japan and she spent 3 days reading it at once! Congratulations!
    Carol Riddell

  6. Just stumbled upon the new blog while trolling around for teaser tidbits on the new book. So glad to see a new chapter in the dragons tale is unfurling! I have been an avid fan since I discovered the Assassin’s Apprentice nearly ten years ago. I think your books are among the very best in the genre… in any genre. The characters are so complex, flawed and engaging. Thanks for the new work and for keeping us hopping around, trying to figure out how it’s all going to come together someday!

  7. Love the new website! It’s much easier to navigate than the old (though I do miss the concept of exploring a house). One thing I would love to see you add, if you have time and inclination, is a “recommended” section. It’s always nice to get a lead for a new book from a trusted author.

  8. I was also just looking for info on your next book when I found your website. How wonderful to be able to write to you in person and tell you how much I love your work. The story of the fitz and the fool has been one of my favourites since I started reading it ten years ago.
    Thank you x Rory, Scotland

  9. Hello Robin! Your new website is great for updates and comments, although I do miss pictures of your cats and the old woman in the Attic. I’ve just purchased the three “comics” for a friend’s birthday, I read that you were very happy with them. I can’t wait to read the Rain Wild Chronicles and I hope I’ll have them signed one day (I saw you in Paris some years ago). Cheers from France! We love you here!

  10. I’m always stupidly excited when I see an author I love also blogs. Subscribing now, I’m a huge fan of your writing.

    Also – did you work out how to add to the FAQ?

  11. Oh, also, (you don’t have tp publish this) if you’re having issues with Spam, install a plugin call akismet, it should catch everything spammy. You can also mark comments as spam if you get someone anon being nasty.

  12. They used many familiar themes in that movie. I wished they’d had a bit of a twist in the plot, and that the villains were not so cardboard.

    But the effects and the setting were amazing. I wanted to be there. This was the first movie where 3D actually worked for me! But I hope the trend toward 3D movies does not become too strong. I wear glasses and I have to put the 3D glasses over my regular glasses in order to see. Not very comfortable.


  13. Dearest Robin, Thanks for writing such great books! I am actually writing because I read a quote on your website a while back and had meant to send it to a friend whom it aptly applied to, but alas your website has changed. I don’t remember the author of the quote but I think I found it in the bathroom when I clicked on the toilet. Can you please repost it or tell me where I can find it on your site or provide a link please? Natalie.

  14. hey Robin,
    I was frantically trying to figure out the chronology of your trilogies as it seems important to follow the development of the characters and the world they inhabit. I am glad to see that you clarified the order in which you imagined and wrote these luscious books. I will start the Liveship Traders series and now I know I have time to locate the stories when they go back to Fitz! Love Fitz…always rooting for him.
    Thanks for the delight, the struggles, and the human complexities.

  15. Hey Robin,

    Thank you for your books. I have another 30 pages left of Fool’s Fate, and I kinda do not want to read it all at once…

    A comment I’d like to make, is what strikes me as the most appealing subtleties in your books, are the hints and insights to life (apart from the tricky words that I learn; I’ve actually used the word “lackadaisically” in what I believe to be a correct context in an update on my facebook-page. Yes, I received some snide comments on that..). I mean, many times Nighteyes speaks as clear as Eckhart Tolle on the subject! Have you read his books?

    Looking forward to you future work!

  16. Dearest Robin, Thankyou so much for replying and being willing to help! (You are one of my all time favourite authors!!!) From memory, I am pretty sure it was written by a famous American author…. can’t remember the quote but I remembered it really applied to an artistic friend…. I think it was about writers and love and the difficulty of loving a writer but thankfully love doesn’t work that way…. or something to that effect…. I remember I was going to send it to my single friend with the statement that he isn’t a writer but it surely would apply to him. (he is a musician). I really appreciate your help and can’t wait for the new book as I have just reread two of your trilogies!

  17. Hi again Robin !

    Okay, I’ll understand if you neither publish nor respond to my question, but here it is anyway : (I’m saying this because I’m well aware that you’d have no time to write if you had to respond to all the questions your fans have concerning your books !)

    question => Do you prononce “Chade” in a typical English fashion, I mean like Charles, charity, chore (-> “tshade”), or do you pronounce it like shade ?

    Thanks ! (and sorry :p )

  18. Where’s the house map??? What have you done with the crazy woman in the attic??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    Um, and yes, pictures of the kitties would be nice.


  19. ive been tring to download soldier son trilogy audio books, from amazon. however when i enter the payment details, it tells me that they cant sell to my region. im in australia. where can i purchase these audio books from. ❓

  20. Right now, audio books of Soldier Son are not available in the UK or Australia. I’m very sorry, and hope that soon that situation changes. 🙁


  21. I say something that’s a bit in-between the two, so that one could mistake it for ‘Shade’ but it still has a bit of that ‘tsh’ at the beginning.
    You may pronounce it however you wish! I decided a long time ago that readers should be able to ‘name’ my characters as they saw the word on the page. I’m just happy to have you reading the books!

  22. Hi Stesha and thanks for your query.

    I agonized about returning to Fitz and the Fool quite a bit a few months ago. Then I decided, ‘not yet’ and went to work on the present book. I’m enjoying writing it and watching the story line unfold. It demands all my attention and thought at this point.

    So I guess I’m still waiting for that ‘compelling story line’ to dawn for me. The characters and their continuing story is still close to my heart. But I don’t want to write anything that would be less than my best effort with them.

    Best wishes,


  23. 🙄 i applaude the ethusiasm of the girl translating for the italian publishing house but do you not worry about the corruption entailed in the (rather subjective and for me not necessary) renaming of the characters?
    It didn`t do it for me (italian who adores you (r writing)and first read you in english)

  24. For almost all US English to any other language, the translator is chosen and paid by the publishing house. The translator usually also gains a copyright to the translation.

    Because English and Latin are my only two languages, I have to play a great deal of faith in the publisher. The publisher, of course, has a vested interest in getting the best possible translation. And of course the translator has to make choices about words that don’t translate easily, and names, and what to do about puns and other forms of word play in the book.

    For all those reasons, I’ve chosen to respect my translators and allow them, who are knowledgeable in their native tongues, the freedom to make those needed choices.

    You may disagree with a translator’s choices but I promise you one thing is true: If it tried to interfere, I would end up making a terrible mess of things!!!

    Thanks for your comments and for being a reader. Translations and translators fascinate me and I always welcome a chance to talk about what they do.