Fort Lewis Signing Information

I think the address given for the Fort Lewis signing in February can be a bit confusing.  So I’ll just say, see you at the PX!

And of course University Book Store and our launch is tomorrow evening.  I hope we get a good turnout!


4 Responses to Fort Lewis Signing Information

  1. Glad that helps!

    Since I’m stationed at Lewis, I’ll see you at 3 of the 4 signings! (excluding OR).

    (Lt Wood)

  2. Dragon Keeper is the first book of yours that i read and i love it. I can’t wait to read the next one. I’m about to deploye to Iraq and i’m at Ft Lewis right now so when i found out you were going to be here for a book signing i was very excited then i was very dissapointed because i found out that my training to get ready for Iraq i wont be able to attend. i know i’m asking alot but is there some way that you can help me out please