Book Tour Dates for Dragon Haven

I’ve just updated my events calendar to show some book tour dates in May for Dragon Haven, volume two of  The Rain Wilds Chronicles.

The dates are in May of 2010, and I’ll be traveling a bit farther afield, all the way to California and even to the wilds of Minneapolis!  Mark your calendars now.

I’ll add more dates as I know them.

Right now, I’m very excited about the launch for Dragon Keeper at University Book Store in Seattle next Tuesday evening at 7.  We are putting together a nice basket of bookish goodies to be a doorprize and will draw a name from the attendees to award it.

I’ll hope to see some of you there!


19 Responses to Book Tour Dates for Dragon Haven

  1. Hello Robin!

    Can you please come to the Netherlands again? I’ve been wanting to meet you for a couple of years now and unfortunally everytime you were here I had to miss it..

  2. Right now, no travel plans are in the works.

    The next scheduled visit to Europe for me will be a return to Epinal, France for the tenth anniversary of Imaginales in May of 2011.

    I’ve truly loved my visits to the Netherlands. The times I’ve attended Elf Fantasy Faire have been wonderful, but then, all of the Netherlands seems wonderful to me. I will never forget the first time I was riding in a car, and looked UP to see a ship go by!


  3. Wow, 2 books in a short time! I am just starting Renegade’s Magic. MAJOR kudos for not making your fans wait forever. I’m guessing this will be a trilogy as your others are, and I hate to ask… but how is the 3rd coming? LOL! I usually like to wait till it’s complete, then I read them one after the other. I hope you know that I pose this gauche question with no intent to hound you. It’s just a sign of the anticipation that I have for your work.

  4. Can’t wait for Dragon Keeper!!! I’ve already reserved my copy from Barnes and Noble. I really hope you one day consider another Farseer book. I am missing Fitz and company tremendously!!

  5. I thought I was the only one missing Fitz. I’m glad I’m not as strange as I thought I was! 😳

    I’ll just gush a little and say how thrilled I am to find you blogging and to see that you respond to comments.

  6. My daughter Veronica just sent me the link to your blog and I am thrilled to bits to hear that the next book in the rain wild chronicles is about to be released. *squeee*

    Do you know when Dragon Haven will be available in Australia?

    My 15 year old son is just re-reading Fitz and I think that I am about ready to re-read the whole series again. We even managed to get my husband to read the series as well. So you have a whole family of readers down here in Tasmania.

    Now I am babbling lol but I am really pleased to have found your blog. I have popped you into my reader so I can keep up to date. Cheers Kim

  7. i miss Fitz so much aswell, i was just rereading a fool’s fate so sad and yest so epic, keep up the wonderful work Robin, your books are the best epic fantasy i have read, and you even introduced me to George R.R Martin, who is another Great.

    Can’t wait for your next installment dragon keepers is absoulutly everything that i could have asked for, so thanks again for bringing me so much enjoyment via ur books 😀

    p.s The next time you are in Europe please come visit London, it would be great to meet you in person.

  8. Well, thank you for the kind comments!

    I love England and London in particular. I’m not sure when my travels will next bring me there, but I will be keeping events updated on this site. So you can always check here to find out where I’ll be.


  9. I think the Australian editions of Dragon Haven will come out the same time as the UK ones. So I think we are looking at about March of 2010. I could be wrong on that, I’m looking through my email trying to find the note from my editor . . .


  10. that’s great that the next installment is coming out so fast; you work so hard. I’m sure i speak on behalf of everyone when i say it is greatly appreciated :razz:, definatly by me anyway.

  11. I’d love to come up to Canada and sign books!

    All I need is an invitation. 🙂
    I believe the Canada usually gets the UK versions, so I think Dragon Keeper is already available up there, right?