Barnes and Noble, Black Lake Blvd Olympia

A very hasty post as I quickly get myself ready to depart. I’m headed down to Olympia, to the Barnes and Noble store on Black Lake Blvd, to read and sign at 2 PM today! I’ll be hoping to see some readers there.

I’ve been bringing door prize baskets to each of my signings. They are very nice baskets, with a book or two in it, a book mark or three, and some Rain Wild items, such as jewelry and a scented fan. Lots of fun!

To put you name in the drawing, all you have to do is show ANY receipt (does not have to be for my book or even for a book. Buy some candy!) from the venue where I am signing. So if you can’t afford the new hardback today, relax! You are not excluded and I’m very happy to see you just the same.

This is my way of saying Thank-You to the venues that host me, and to the readers who turn out to meet me.

I’ll hope to see you there!

My next and final stop after this will be on Fort Lewis, at the PX, on February 6 at noon!


7 Responses to Barnes and Noble, Black Lake Blvd Olympia

  1. Hello dear purveyor of fantasy, thrills and dreams, (how about that πŸ˜‰ )

    I so much wish that I could be there at the bookstores meeting you! I’m not only an avid reader of your books (read them all with delight) but also very curious concerning those rain wild items!

    Have fun everyone and enjoy your day Mrs Hobb.

  2. Hello Robin πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry to bother you about trivia stuff, but I’m wondering if Dragon Haven will be translated into French ?

    I can’t find any info on the Internet about it πŸ™ I’m a huge fan of your work ^^

    If you’re aware of a release date or something, please inform me ! Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, French translation and publication is not a trivial matter to me!!! As it happens, the contracts have been signed. There is no firm date for publication yet, as the work still has to be translated.

    What part of France do you live in? I’ll be visiting Imaginales and Epinal in May of 2011.


  4. A visit in France, fantastic!!! and yet Epinal is too far away for me. I don’t know about David but I live near Poitiers (middle west) and unless I bundle up my toddler twins and journey with my adorable but challengingly lively batch, there is no way I can make it. Though, as I have said in an earlier comment that is still awaiting moderation (at least that’s what I’ve just noticed here) I’m a great fan of yours and have read them all. The best reads were during the pregnancy! What wonderful journeys I’ve been on lead by your writing even though I was bed bound. Now I have a question for you. I’m page 406 of The dragon Keeper and, unless I haven’t been paying close enough attention as I was caught up in the intrigue, it seems to me that food is not so much of an issue here. I remember that we knew all about Fitz’s hunger and his “plaisirs du palais” not to mention Nevare which was almost too much for me as I was trying to diet at the time πŸ™„ but I haven’t noticed much of it in Dragon Keeper. Is that intentional? I really enjoyed reading about the character’s menus because it lent to sort of “true to life” aspect to your fantasy stories. It doesn’t keep me from tremendously enjoying this one though, I assure you. So, there it is, I was just wondering and have already taken too much of your time.

  5. I’m from Toulouse, Southern France πŸ™‚ Γ‰pinal is lucky to have you visiting ! Thanks for the info on the translation, I’m not confident enough in my English to put myself into the original. Besides the work of Arnaud Mousnier-LomprΓ© seems pretty good !

    ‘Can’t wait to read you !