The New Robin Hobb [dot] com

Hello and Welcome to the new Robin Hobb official homesite.  The information you will find here is author generated and accurate.

You will see that right now it is rather a spare and sparse site. It’s a work in progress.  And while we are progressing, I’d like to invite your feedback. As readers, what do you come here to find?  Do you need a biography, a photo, a bibliography?  Or is that just a redundant waste of pixels when that information is so easy to find on the rest of the internet?  Do you want to read teasers, hear updates from my writing life, and view cute pictures of my cats?

Let us know what you hoped to find here when you dropped by.

And, as always, thanks for your interest and for being readers.

Robin Hobb

One Response to The New Robin Hobb [dot] com

  1. Looks nice!

    I usually go to author sites to get updates on their upcoming works, read teasers, and maybe some extra information from past books (maps, character bios, geneologies, etc) where it makes sense.

    Since I’m also a writer, I’m always interested in reading updates about a writer’s life.

    I’ll go take closer look around now.

    (And can it be I’m the first one to comment on your new site? :))