January 10, University Book Store, Seatle

On January 10, the University Book Store in Seattle will be celebrating it’s 110th anniversary!

From noon to five, there will be a general celebration, with treats and sparkling cider for all and sundry. (The latter being those who go out the front door and come in the back door again. 🙂 )

From 1 to 3, I will be there, hoping to connect with readers and get more than my fair share of the cookies. I am told that other writers will attend. (But of course, I am the important one. Come to see me!)

Seriously, it looks like it will be a great gathering of Seattle writers of all stripes, not just fantasy and SF, with cookies and cider, and Duane. So what more could anyone ask?

I hope everyone who lives in the area will have a chance to stop by.

In other news, the new story collection of Lindholm and Hobb stories now has an official title: The Inheritance. And I’ve completely edited and proofed it except for the last Hobb story, which I need to start on right away. Once it’s done, I will blast it out to the editors on December 31.

And then start right away on the galleys for the US edition of Dragon Haven. A writer’s work is never done!



13 Responses to January 10, University Book Store, Seatle

  1. I mean, I know it’s a free companion when you purchase a book by one of the contributing authors, but I’m wondering if that offer is valid for online purchases as well.

  2. Congratulations, Ms. Hobb! I know that it always feels great to finish and accomplish something (even though you’re book star, and have loads of publishing credits), so I’m thrilled that you’re ending the year with such a triumph.

    Here’s to many more!


  3. sounds delightful! both the University Book Store event and the collection of shorts! sad i can’t make it up for the first, but won’t miss out for a second on second 😉

  4. My dad picked up one of your books used online recently. It turned out to be signed by you with a sticker on it from the University Bookstore. Total bonus for him since it wasn’t advertised as signed.

  5. No copies of any kind of it will exist until right before I push ‘Send’ on my computer on December 31.

    Hammering out changes to the final story even as I type.

    Well, actually, that’s what I should be doing!


  6. Free 1-10-110 anniversary booklet

    And here is your answer from Stesha, Nerwende and I hope it makes you as happy as it does me!


    Hi Robin/Megan ( 🙂 )–
    yes, folks who purchase any of your titles through our website will be eligible to receive 110/110. In order to help the folks in mail order, your fan should type “happy110” in the promotional code box. That will flag the purchase as one that receives the special book 🙂

    woohoo! I have to spread the news on this!