Home From Orycon!

And back to work already!

I’ve tidied my house a bit, paid all my bills, organized my afternoon, and decided to make a quick post before settling into my writing for the day.

Orycon offered me the chance to connect with many friends I haven’t seen in years. I said hi to some, glimpsed even more in the halls, and actually managed to have one or two conversations with old friends. Odd to think that the more we change, the more we stay the same, and that I’ve been running into these friends at conventions for over two decades now!

In good news, I had a bit of a chat with Rebecca Neason. I was sad to hear she’d been ill and that was why I hadn’t seen her in so long, and glad to hear that she is better and about to take up her pen again. Well, about to start rattling her keyboard is a better way to say it I’ve always enjoyed the meticulous historical accuracy in her posts so I’ll look forward to her next effort.

I had flyng glimplses of Louise Marley, and found and bought an omnibus edition of her Nevya stories from Patrick Swenson who was manning the Talebones/ Fairwood Press booth in the dealer’s room. Got a virtual hug from Elizabeth Ann Scarborough via Lea Day, and had a fleeting connection with Lenora Rainlee Good. Lady Jayne and Conrad were there with books; we need to actually meet for coffee in Tacoma sometime. Ditto for Michal Ehart. Conventions can be so frustrating; so many old friends and mostly just quick ‘hellos’ in passing. And I’m going to stop dropping names now, as it’s beginning to sound like a who’s who of Pacific Northwest SF. David, Jerry, Amy, Mary, Almalinda . . . . Well, I just wish I’d had more time to chat with anyone.

New friends? Well, I got to know Almalinda much better as she helped us out in hospitality. And I met a wonderful couple, Chris and Sara who are just venturing into writing. Had a great time with Ben and Norita of ZOE, with finally the opportunity for some real conversation. And seeing Molly again was just great. She really needs to come visit us in Tacoma.

I actually went to bed fairly early both nights I was at the convention, making me wonder if my sleep schedule is just too out of sync with conventions for me to attend them anymore!

The convention attracted far more members than were expected. Hotel staff at the Doubletree were great, so many thanks to them. I did stop and put in a ‘feedback’ form to give them all ’10’s for what the did.

Thanks to the concom folks also. I always think they are under-thanked for all they do to put on these great parties for all of us.

But, well, Party is Over! And it’s back to work time for me!


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