Where I hope to run into you

So,  Steamcon is a steam-punk convention in the Sea-Tac area, and it’s very first incarnation will be getting off the ground on October 23rd.  Guest of Honor is Tim Powers

Do you really need to know anything more to want to attend this?

 I plan to be there, solely as an attendee, with plenty of time to explore the convention and dealers room, listen to panels, wander the hallways, and one hopes, meet friends both old and new for coffee and talk.  There is always something exceptionally fun about a convention’s first venture.  A special chemistry, if you will, when a plan comes together and then comes to life.  So I’m excited about this one and plan to have a good time.

Then, come November, Orycon rolls around.  It is being held the weekend after Thanksgiving, at the Portland Oregon Doubletree Hotel.  Guest of Honor Patricia Briggs!  And a wonderful excuse for me to get out of the house and wander down to Oregon for a weekend away from home with a gathering of like minded friends.

And in January, an old favorite of mine, Rustycon!  January 15-17 at the Sea-Tac Marriott.  Rustycon has chosen a steampunk theme this year, and offers James Blaylock as guest of honor.

So.  Who else is signed up to be at these gatherings?  

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about Steamcon. I’m chatting with the other half about the possibility of a road trip up to check it out. It will depend on our work schedules last minute most likely, but I would like a good getaway. I have a new job as a toy designer now and have to pretend to be responsible (or at least in town) occasionally. 😉
    How’s the camping late October? Freezing?

  2. Hmm. Steamcon’s at my old stomping ground, and also the same weekend as HeroCon, which I’ll be at. On a lark, I checked to see if Ory’s still being held up at Jantzen Beach, and saw that it’s going to be at the Lloyd Center Doubletree, which I can walk to. That may be an option for something to do for that weekend depending on how zonked I am from work.

  3. I’ve read 2 Briggs’s Mercy Thompson novels and liked them. It would be nice to meet you both but unfortunately Portland is bit too far for me!

    You have fun!

  4. Thanks to Dragonlady, I was able to get acquainted with Tim and Serena Powers at Eastercon this year. Very lovely people. I managed to take an ADORABLE pic of Serena and Dragonlady. Have fun!!

  5. warning

    do NOT touch Serena Powers’ bacon, unless you’re willing to get another order of it to share with her.

    She and I got along famously due to our love of bacon.

    Also… I would so totally be ok with you collaborating with Tim. Totally.

    (I have a wedding that weekend, already committed to family on the holiday, and the last one conflicts with Arisia (which conflicts with the MIT Mystery Hunt).

  6. Camping in October is not for the faint of heart. Not in Washington. You can flip a coin and have absolutely beautiful weather, or float on your air mattress inside your tent!

    I think Steamcon has stopped doing on line memberships and will do the rest at the door. I’m not sure what their limit is this year. I’m hoping they sell out so their convention gets off to a good start, but you might want to doublecheck their site to see how close to their limit they are getting.

    It would be such fun to get together with people for coffee or lunch. Hope you make it!


  7. I think Orycon sold out last year, but this year they’ll have more room.

    So, if you’re not too zonked from work, I’ll hope to see you there!


  8. But it’s only an air trip away!!!! And last time I did come to where you were!!!

    Sini, we WILL get together again. I’m definitely planning on Imaginales in May or June of 2011, in Epinal, France.

    I know, still not in your neighborhood! But much closer,


  9. Tim is amazing. One of the most remarkable feats he is capable of is pulling cans of Coca-Cola from his pockets. An endless stream of them.

    No. really. I’ve seen him do this.


  10. Re: warning

    I am sending my evil minion to that wedding. She is consuming all my airline miles even as I type.

    The plan is for her to kidnap the bride, transport her to an alternate dimension, and demand a sack of gold to return her.

    Should be interesting. 🙂


  11. Oh, fun! I’d love to make it out to the Northwest for something like this. Maybe if there’s one happening around the end of April… it would match up nicely with the Stumptown Comics Fest. 🙂

  12. Robin Hobb and Tim Powers in the same room? wow, That would drive Dragonlady totally crazy I think. hee.

    All I’m blocking on at the moment is … Epinal 2011… I think I’ve just found out how my next sack of gold will be spent. 😀

  13. Sadly I can’t be there 🙁 but if you run into Tim give him a big hug for me. If you don’t remember my real name (Sunila) just tell him it’s from Dragonlady he’ll know 😉

  14. And once again I am amazed. How come I always come up when people talk about Tim? Yeah I know, I am a big fan of his and we happen to be friends too.
    The weirdest thing ever was when Tim and John Howe met… what did they talk about? Me…. *duh*

  15. Um, I think she’s your model for Basement Project Runway. You know, that new reality show about aunts who make amazing clothes for Cabbage Patch Dolls, and then Hollywood beats down the door and rewards the Aunt with millions of dollars in contracts?

    I’m pretty sure that’s it.


  16. Orycon

    Hi Robin,

    I’m a long-time reader, although I’ve never posted to your forums before. I live in Portland and would love to get together while you’re in town for Orycon. Lots of good coffee places around Lloyd Center too. I do have to warn you, I might be bringing along my 21-month old. But she takes decaf. 🙂

  17. Re: Orycon

    Having done a lot of cons with small kids in tow, I know what a brave person you are!

    Let’s pick a place and a time, and perhaps we’ll find others to join us. I am completely immunized to small children and the amazing things they may do in coffee shops. So no fears there.

    I usually park the car once I’m at a con (to keep my parking space!) but I’m sure there will be hotel coffee shops or others close by, or even the hospitality suite can be a great place. Will you be attending Orycon, or just in the neighborhood?


  18. Re: Orycon

    Literally a half dozen Starbucks cover the Lloyd Center area since they ate up my favorite coffee place, Coffee People. I’ll just be in the neighborhood as we have family stuff that holiday weekend, but the hotel coffee shop might be easiest. Of course, if I walk into the hotel and see lots of cool sci fi stuff I may not be able to walk out so easily. 🙂

    Is it easier to meet before the convention starts or find some time during it?

  19. Re: Orycon

    A lot will depend on when I drive down to it. I’ll know more as we get closer.

    Have you ever been to an SF convention? They can be a lot of fun but also a bit overwhelming the first time you walk into one.

    As we get closer to the date, I’ll know more about my schedule and can put it up here, so we can figure out a coffee place and time.


  20. Re: Orycon

    I like this idea – there’s a Starbucks in the mall itself, but there really isn’t a place to sit down and chat easily, and then there’s the one at 15th and Broadway. (which is walking distance from the hotel and the mall) There’s also a Peets at 15th and Broadway. And a McMenamins on the same corner. The Peets has a bit more seating than the Starbucks.

    There’s also any number of eateries on Weidler/Broadway within walking distance of the hotel and Lloyd Center – so no shortage of places not in the “con proper”, but very close to it.

  21. Re: Orycon

    Which is the most kid-friendly? It’s entirely possibly I’ll have a 4 year old along with me for at least part of the convention!