UK Book Tour

Here is an update to the schedule, as of July 1, 2009
Monday, 6th July
6:30 PM Borders Glasgow
Reading and Signing
98 Buchan St.
Glasgow, G1 3HA

Tuesday, 7th July
1 PM Waterstone’s Nottingham
1/5 Bridlesmith Gate
Nottingham NG1 2GR

7:30 PM Waterstone’s Norwich
11-17 Castle Street
Norwich NR2 1PB

Thursday 9th July
1:30 PM Waterstone’s Bluewater
West Village, Greenhithe
Bluewater DA9 9SE

7:30 PM Waterstone’s Manchester Deansgate
Talk and Signing
91 Deansgate
Manchester M3 2BW

Friday 10th July
1:30 PM Waterstone’s Basinstoke
Signing and Talk with Book Group
35 Wesley Walk
Basingstoke RG21 7BE

7:30 PM Waterstone’s Southampton
Talk and Signing
69 Above Bar
Southampton SO14 7FE

Saturday 11th July
1:00 PM Forbidden Planet

And Forbidden Planet will be the last stop on the book tour! I’m very excited about this and looking forward to meeting lots of readers. See you soon!

18 Responses to UK Book Tour

  1. I’ll be at Staines, but it’s a ‘stock signing’ rather than an event. That is when the writer goes into the store and is presented with a stack of books, sometimes in the back room, and the writer signs all of them, and the staff puts them out with ‘autographed’ stickers on them.

    HOWEVER . . . if you happen to be in the store, and I happen to be in the store, I’d be delighted to meet you and sign a book or, if time permits, grab a cup of coffee or tea. Often the schedule is very tight, and they rush me in, I write in books, and they rush me out again. But, we may be lucky! I’ll hope to see you there!


  2. I won’t be coming unfortunately, as I’ll be working but i already got your new book and already enjoying it a lot!!

    But you’ll definitely see some of the familiar faces from the ones on Willem’s board. *broad grins*

    Lots of them I am glad to call my friends now and that I wouldn’t have met if you (and thus your books) were not existing. So thank you Robin, for the wonderful stories but also for the beautiful friends you brought me. 😀


  3. I’m so glad you’re doing a book tour in the UK! I was at the last one you did a few years ago for Fool’s Fate, and it was a rare treat indeed to hear you talk about your books. Looking forward to seeing you at Southampton tomorrow. Hopefully the rain will hold off 🙂

    PS. I just finished reading TDK and it’s been quite some time since I was so captivated by a book. Really, a wonderful read. I especially loved seeing a bit of Malta!

  4. Well! It was really lovely to meet you in Basingstoke today. Thanks for taking some time at the end to explain about prejudice and the origins of Soldier Son and I was thrilled that we discovered a mutual admiration for Miles Vorkosigan. I hope you enjoy(ed) your trip over here, and long may you continue to wear your authorial underwear in public! 🙂

  5. You know, I enjoy book tours so much that basically I’ll pretty much go anywhere that I’m invited. In the US, where I drive myself, I’ve often gone on an overnight just to visit a store that invited me to come and read and sign.

    I think that every publishing company probably has it’s own mechanism for determining where writers go on book tours. One of the criteria is that, when the publisher mentions a writer is going to tour, the store has to leap up and say, “Oh, we’d love to have him come here!” And usually there is an agreement about PR and window displays and likelihood of selling books. On that, I don’t know the details, so I can’t share them. But the critical thing, really, is that the book store or convention has to invite the writer. 🙂

    If it were left up to me, I’d love to visit Sheffield!


  6. And there I was, signing book after book, and suddenly I looked up to see Michael! I felt like such an idiot for not recognizing anyone before him! I don’t really have any excuses except that, well, I’d been signing a lot of books for a lot of people.

    Wish I’d know well ahead of time to expect that the Willem’s board group would appear at that signing. It would have been nice to linger and go out for coffee and talk. About the only tough things about book tours is that there isn’t a lot of room for me to be spontaneous. Once the schedule is set, I’m locked into it.

    I did get to meet and chat with Rustlemybustle, and with a new librarian friend from the Myspace. But there is never really enough time . . .


  7. finished!

    sorry I didn’t answered you before, I had a hell of a month this July.

    I’m very glad you had the opportunity to see some people of the board and others, indeed Michael reappeared just a few days before the signings on the board and that was a great surprise to all of us. I still remember him from the 2003 signing in London. huh, long time.

    I know Skits (Skittledog*) is dying to go and have a tea or drink with you someday but she’s just too shy to ask. I think it’s a pity but I can understand her. It’s great though that you can always be so accessible that some of us had the pleasure of your company for a meal or a drink, it is not something casual I think and many thanks to you for this.

    on another hand, I finished Dragon Kepper today and I LOVED it. Gosh this one is really really good and I can’t wait for the next one. So many theories and talking about it have already started on the board! it’s like an effervescence of ideas and joy.

    The only thing I didn’t much like (ok, really hated) was the cut of 4 years. I didn’t really understood the necessity of that. ah well. But I want to go and reread it now, because I’m sure I missed some things.


    btw we’re all on flickr if you care or have time to have a glimpse :

  8. Re: finished!

    Thanks for the great feedback. It’s wonderful to know you enjoyed the book.

    The leaps forward in time were a hard choice. The problem was that if I wrote them as a day by day account, well, it would be an immensely long book full of accounts of very ordinary days.

    The other option was flash-backs. But sometimes when I read a book with a lot of flashbacks, I feel frustration, as I want to race forward with the story in ‘real time’ rather than be dragged back so I understand the significance of everything.

    So, the time hops were my only option!

    Thanks again for the feedback. Next time I’m heading out for a book tour, I’ll try to check Willem’s board a few days before departure and see if anyone wants to get together. The problem with that tactic is that sometimes the publisher changes the tour schedule last minute. This last time, I was supposed to over nightin Norwich, but we ended up driving back to London to make another meeting early the next day. So I would have felt very bad if I’d arranged to have coffee after the signing and then had to race off!

    But, well. maybe next time.


  9. Re: finished!

    and thanks to you for taking the time to answer me too! 😀

    I certainly look forward to meet you again, who knows? maybe next year with the second part of Dragon Keeper? *winks*

    Take care,