UK Book Tour

Okay, nothing is for certain here . . . except that it’s all GOOD and I’m very excited about this.


This is the very tentative, could change at any moment schedule for the book tour.


First off, I arrive there. Then I get to fly to Glasgow to sign lots of stock. While I’m there, I’ll drop in at the Glasgow borders on Buchan Street.


Next stop will be Waterstones in Nottingham, and later, Waterstones in Norwich. (Hurray! I love Norwich!) I’ll probably love Nottingham, too, as soon as I’ve met it!


Then I’ll do a stock signing at Goldsboro Books. And a signing at Waterstones in Bluewater and a talk and signing at Waterstones Manchester Deansgate. Yay Manchester!


Later I’ll be doing a signing and talk with a book group at Waterstones Basingstrone. And then on to Waterstones Southampton. 


And a grand finale at Forbidden Planet!


I’ve deliberately left out dates and times because they are not yet fixed in stone. As soon as they are, I’ll be sharing them here and elsewhere!


So excited about this!



13 Responses to UK Book Tour

  1. Oooh that’s SO exciting, I live in Nottingham, so I’ll definately be there if it all goes to plan!

    I’m sure you’ll love it here 8D We may not be as pretty or exciting as some other places but… y’know, Robin Hood!

  2. Wonderful! I do hope you meant “Basingstoke” and not “Basingstrone” ( I think this is likely, as Basingstoke is near Southampton) because that’s close to my neck of the woods!

  3. Sounds great! I envy you Norwich, it’s one of my favourites as well. I hope to get there around Christmas time this year to see some friends on one of my always to fleeting trips home.

    Bluewater, my condolences. 😉 Forbidden Planet will make up for it’s proximity to Essex.

  4. wow, now that is very interesting!! any idea what time (summer, winter) and year this is suppose to happen?
    That’s really great news anyways.
    Any chance to see you down in Geneva or Switzerland some day?

  5. I clearly live in the wrong country. =| *pokes Sweden* I hope you and all the people who goes to see you will have a wonderful time though! 😀

  6. I’ll hope to meet you then!

    If you do make it, remind me that I know you from Livejournal!

    Real names seldom match screen names!


  7. Oh, I wish!

    Reading ‘Heidi’ as a child has given me a very definite image of Switzerland and the Alps. Someday, I’ll get to see for myself . . .

    The question is whether I can sleep in a hayloft and have toasted bread and goat cheese for lunch.


  8. erm, I’m not very sure Switzerland looks like it was pictured in Heidi, a customer at the shop some weeks later was amazed it was sunny and warm and not snowy and cold and she was from Scotland! funny how our mind is working sometimes.
    Anyway if you come someday, I’m sure you’ll like it here and we won’t let you sleep in a hayloft. promised. (except if you really insist)