Book Tour Confirmed Dates in UK

Update on the UK book tour for The Dragon Keeper.

These dates, places and times are now confirmed.  More dates and events may be added but these ones are the confirmed ones.

Monday, July 6

6:30 PM
Borders  Glasgow
98 Buchan St.
Glasgow, G1 3HA

Tuesday July 7

1:00 PM
Waterstone’s Nottingham
1/5 Bridlesmith Gate
Nottingham NG1 2GR

7:30 PM 
Talk and Signing
Waterstone’s Norwich
11-17 Castle Street
Norwich NR2 1PB


Thursday, July 9th

1:30 PM
Waterstones Bluewater
West Village, Greenhithe

7:30 PM
Talk and Signing
Waterstones Manchester Deansgate
91 Deansgate
M3 2BW

Friday, July 10

11:30 AM
Stocksigning (not a public event – just write my name in books in the store!)
Waterstones Stained
77 High Street
Staines TW18 4 PQ

1:30 PM
Signing and Talk with Book Group
Waterstones Basingstoke
35 WesleyWalk
Basingstoke  RG21 7BE

7:30 PM
Talk and Signing
Waterstones Southampton
69 Above Bar
Southampton SO14 7FE

Saturday, July 11th

1:00 to 2:00
Forbidden Planet

And that is as much as I know right now!



20 Responses to Book Tour Confirmed Dates in UK

  1. July Nine Tea

    is an anagram of my name, so be sure to have some Tea for me that day. (o:

    (and, you know, you could come to Boston, or pick dates when I can travel again… which, alas… probably isn’t until autumn…)

  2. I was in Glasgow on a study abroad program when Fool’s Fate was released. It was thrilling to be able to get ahold of it before its US release. The copy I had pre-ordered was late, so I spent many hours sitting in Borders (as well as Waterstones–Waterstones had more comfortable chairs, but Borders was open later) reading one of their copies, biding my time until mine showed up.

    I wish I could be back there now! I hope you have a great time traveling the UK.

  3. 8) I’ll definately be there when you’re in Nottingham! It’s a shame I can’t follow you like a groupy to hear your talk in Norwich, haha. I’ll be the awkward boy stood at the back who asks you to sign a paper fan, hehe.

  4. I’m actually going to stay an extra week just so I will have time to look around a bit.

    Over at the Robin Hobb newsgroup on, we are trying to organize a newsgroup meetup to occur on one of my personal days after the tour. We’re trying to pick a central location that works for most everyone. So I’m really looking forward to that.

    How does the book publishing process proceed? I’m really looking forward to seeing Spellwright between covers!


  5. I’ll look forward to meeting you!

    Please, make sure you let me know that I know you from Livejournal! A lot of times, I get back from a tour, and THEN I discover that I signed a book for an on-line friend and didn’t even know it!


  6. No, I’ll be dead on my feet by then!

    The US edition comes out in January, 2010. I don’t know if the publisher will be sending me on a US book tour or not.

    So you should start lobbying now to have your local bookstore invite me to visit! 🙂

    Closest I’ve ever been to Salt Lake City is when I was going to school in Pocatello, Idaho . . . .


  7. Re: July Nine Tea

    I keep eyeing SF conventions in Boston, simply because I’ve never been to that part of the US. And a con is always a great excuse to visit!


  8. Keeping fingers crossed for a stop in London sometime!

    BTW, I think it’s ‘Buchanan Street’ in Glasgow, not ‘Buchan Street’ – I lived there for a five years, and I know there’s a really big Borders on the former, but have never heard of the latter street at all!

  9. Re: July Nine Tea

    per books, ReaderCon seems to be popular (but I am always out of town for that.)
    also: Arisia, Boskonne, Vericon.
    Failing that, we have some good local bookstores for readings.

    And, if you’ve never been the the Northeast in the Autumn, you really need to see the leaves. (o:

  10. I’ll definitely figure out a way to lobby and then start lobbying. They had a signing this past Saturday with Brandon Sanderson, so I know they do such things.

  11. Wonderful! From all your posts about work, it seems you could use a little down time. Hopefully the English weather will be kind to you. Though, I will admit having lived most of my life in drought, I find the sometime-soggy England countryside beautiful.

    Publishing moves on, slowly. I’m presently stressing over the medical licensing exam and have been told to expect the copy edit any day now. I was very excited to learn that your quote will be going on the cover! We’ve been set a pub date of Feb 2010, but I will send a copy with my gratitude to you ASAP.