Peculiar day

It was such a strange mix of things.

Perhaps, since I haven’t posted here for awhile, I should explain what I’ve been up to.

Dragon Keeper turned in.

Too long.  Split it into two books.

Dragon Keeper turned in again, then copyedited and turned in yet again, to both US and UK editors.

Second half of Dragon Keeper, now titled Dragon Haven, with new opening chapter and much more detail added turned in again to both editors.  Now hard at work on creating the ‘book trailer’ for Dragon Keeper, writing a short story called Dog Years for the story collection and somewhat having a life.

So.  Somewhat having a life means that this week I’ve seen both Wolverine and Star Trek.  And that I weeded a big section of my garden.  And that today we went down to the old house to mow the field/lawn before it gets too high as the Spousal Unit ships out on Monday to return to Texas and fixing the Sea Trader.   

Well, almost every time I go down to my old house, I discover that we’ve been broken into, yet again.  This time, all seemed well, until we discovered that the little boat from the pond had been carried up from the pond and set at the end of the house, obviously all ready to load into someone’s vehicle.  The peculiar part of this was that the day was very warm and dry, but the painter on the boat was still dripping wet.  So I we must have missed intersecting with out thieves by only a matter of minutes.  I still can’t decide if that is the good news or the bad news.

We mowed a good part of the lower field, with me running frantically about and saying, "No, look, there is a baby tree here, the little flourescent flag just slipped!"  So Fred missed all my trees, which I am very happy about. And I’m happy to say that almost all of them came through the winter just fine, and that the plum trees have already set some fruit. 

Then we hookedup the water pump and pressure tank for the house again, so that we will have running water for the summer.  And I did some tidying inside and made a mental list of things we need to restock.  The last break in, the thieves took the microwave, the little hibachi, my electric drill and charging base (that was my favorite tool!), my flame-thrower/weed burner, the big cooler, the cots for kids staying the night down there, and . . . well, I’m going to stop listing it all.  It’s too depressing. Most of it, I’m not going to replace.  There’s no point to it.  I feel bad about the microwave.  Last summer, we had a batch of kids down for a judo seminar. Travis Stevens, our local Judo Olympian, came down to do a workshop with the kids, and the kids ran all over the acreage and had a good time. The parents came down and helped with cooking and kid minding.  One of the families brought the microwave down and left it there so we could use it again this summer.  Only, well, we won’t.  So.  Blah.  Fred says I should assume that whoever stole it needed it a lot more than we did.  

Fred is a much better person than I am.

 I do have a new flame thrower/ weed-burner now, so I can resume my eternal battle against the himalayan blackberries and the tansy ragwort.  They are noxious weeds, both officially and in my opinion.  Tansy is a cumulative poison for horses and cattles.  Himalayan blackberries devour the land and climb up the trees and choke off everything underneath them.  They grow really fast, too.  So the battle is to keep them cut back so they can’t flower, fruit and seed.  They spread fast enough just with runners.

The thieves did leave my coffee pot, so I try to be grateful for small mercies. They also did not steal my lawnmower or rototiller. More things to be thankful for.  And I chained the boat to a tree before I left.  They will probably come back and steal it anyway, but at least they’ll have to work for it. Work is good for the soul.

On the way home, we stopped at the Roy Steak House for food.  Because Fred is running away to sea on Monday, we consoled ourselves with prime rib. The small serving, which was still twice as much as I could eat. The serendipity of stopping there was that they were giving country western dance lessons to several couples. We watched that as we ate, and then Renegade came in and took over the bandstand and started playing.  And the dancers claimed the floor and it was really nice to sit there and listen to live music and watch the cowboys and the ladies.  Fancy boots and hats.  Young couples and old couples.  There’s an old fashioned grace to that style of dancing, one that I envy when I see it.  But I can enjoy watching what I cannot do myself, and it was really a very nice evening.

And now it’s late. So I’m off to bed. Tomorrow there are more fields to mow.  I still have about a dozen native trees to get into the ground down there.

Saw lots of snakes today, many frogs, and my red-wing blackbirds are nesting in the cat tails again.

Life is good, really.  Can’t let the small disasters get you down.


6 Responses to Peculiar day

  1. It’s so horrible that people steal from each other. I had my bicycle stolen from my backyard a couple years ago. It was such a violation, which was worse than the actual lose. The bike had been a gift from my parents. 🙁

    Are Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven a new series?

  2. Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven are one book, split in two as it became too long for one volume. Dragon Keeper will be out in 25th of June in UK. “The Rain Wild Chronicles” seems to be the name of the series for these books.

  3. Ah, so it does take place back in the world of the Six Duchies and Bingtown. I was wondering about that. I was also wondering if they were part of an existing series that I may not have read yet. (I’m a bit behind in my reading.)

  4. The worst thing about thieves are the emotions they bring out in me. Both times when someone has broken into my family’s tool sheds I’ve been shocked how strongly I’ve felt about it. After all, nothing irreplaceable was taken and nobody was hurt. The last time it happened just a few meters away from the house where my parents were sleeping. I like to think that I’m a reasonably calm and compassionate person, but when something like that happens I find a whole new side of myself – one that I don’t necessarily like too much.

  5. Wow, I’ve never had anything stolen thankfully *knocks on wood*. I’m sorry to hear that such has
    befallen you. It probably was for the best that you didn’t run into them though, eik, scary.

    Tree planting, snakes, cat tails… I really want to move back out to the country eventually. :3