Free E-Books!

This is a promotion from Random House.  They are offering free the ‘first in a series’.  So Assassin’s Apprentice is there, for free download, aswell as many other cool books.

If you enjoy e-books, check it out and add something new to your library!

This is a good website to bookmark, as they do a lot of nice promotional stuff.


3 Responses to Free E-Books!

  1. I have all your books but I do love pdf versions of them, so I was very pleased to see it offered. I found out last night when Naomi Novik told her flist. 🙂

  2. This was a GREAT thing. I don’t read fantasy, and I read Assassin’s Apprentice because it was free on my Kindle. Loved it– and have read almost all your published stuff since. GREAT tool!!!