back to work

Tomorrow.  🙂

Today I’m doing a general tidy up of things, nothing strenuous. Still trying to remember how to have a day off.

Tomorrow I plunge headfirst into the edits for volume two of Dragon Keeper. We are still mulling how the titles will be done.

I need to reintroduce the story and characters, but briefly, in a way that jumps right back into the story and advances the plot at the same time. So that means a pretty good overhaul of what was chapter 17 to make it a functional chapter one. 

I also have to write all the ‘bird bits’, the between chapters pieces that help the reader remember there is a wider world than what my characters are experiencing, and help them to keep track of how time is passing.

And all the while, as I go through every chapter, word by word, I’ll be looking for things to fix, ways to tighten it up, make it more clever, more exciting, more clear, make the characters more interesting, the story more compelling, and ultimately, to deliver a satisfying ending.

But that is tomorrow. 



3 Responses to back to work

  1. It’s good to take some time off; Glad you’ve taken the time to do so. Hope all goes well today, and may the household fairies smooth the small wrinkles ahead of you.

  2. Volume one will emerge in print in July, 2009 in the UK, and in January 2010 in the US.

    We hope to have volume II follow within six months.

    Thanks for asking!