A Fantasy Medley is nearly sold out

SOOOO,  If you want a copy of this anthology from Subterranean Press, you’d best order one soon! 


That’s the Amazon link.  I know it says the book isn’t available yet, but it looks as if the pre-orders will consume the whole run.

In addition to my story, "Words Like Coins", set in the Farseer universe, you will find  Kate Elliott’s "River of Death",  Kelley Armstrong’s "Zen and the Art of Vampirism"  and C.E. Murphy’s "From Russia With Love". 

Subterranean Press puts out lovely little hardbacks, and I’ve been very pleased to be part of this project.


4 Responses to A Fantasy Medley is nearly sold out

  1. Subterranean Press is a small US specialty press. They make very lovely hardbacks.

    And now that I’ve typed that, I realize I have no idea if they ever sell ‘overseas’ editions!

    I shall see what I can find out. Thanks for the interest.