Dragon Keeper

This is where it tentatively stands. And all is still not settled.  I am very grateful to my patient and  long suffering editors right now.

The final manuscript was over 1000 pages.  So, I regret to say, the book will have to be broken into two volumes.  I feel very bad about this, as I told readers it would be a single-volume, stand alone book.  The story simply got out of hand.

At this point, the two volumes would be published less than a year apart.

I don’t have a lot of specifics that I can share right now, but thought an update was owed!

Right now, the first 500 pages is getting a serious makeover, with an eye to providing a somewhat satisfying ending to the first half of the book.

Thanks for your patience

8 Responses to Dragon Keeper

  1. Can’t you do a Susanna Clarke and make one book 1,000 page long? I mean, it surely can’t be that bad since you’ve been in publishing a while. Or does it cost too much to make?

  2. Cheerfullness at its best!

    This is so darn great! =)
    The wait will perhaps be devastating, though no one could accuse Robin for broken promises as she was approaching the book as a single volume to the very end… It’s the publishing matters that can are partially ablame.
    Though I’m inclined to be happy about the amount of pages we’ll get to spend back in THE world.