The Overdue Book

So horrible a feeling. I was certain I was going to finish in November, and have a lovely laid back holiday season, followed by jumping on the new story collection this month.

Instead, here I am.  Just passed Page 920.  I thought I was nearing the end at page 700.  Will these characters please just solve their problems and let me have a day off?

This past month has been a cornucopia of mishaps for me.  First there was the really nasty computer virus that waltzed right in past my Norton.  Luckily, I’ve experienced that sort of disaster before (Hm.  Should that sentence start with ‘luckily’?) and as a result I’m both paranoid and fanatic about backing up my work.  So I took my back up disk over to the beater kiddy computer and kept on working while mine was at the shop.  Unfortunately, the CD burner on that computer is out of whack. And it’s too old to understand what a thumb drive is.  So I then embarked on all sorts of hi-jinks to save my new pages and get them transferred back to my repaired computer.

A short time after that, my external hard drive started ticking like a clock.  Not a good noise. Okay, take that to the shop.

Then the basement heater stopped working. Come ON!  It gets really chilly in my basement office when the gas fireplace won’t kick on. And the Pi complained very loudly about having to help me write down here under such adverse circumstances.  She’s a grand old lady of catdom at 17, and considers a warm hearth her right.

At one time, in a pique of frustration, I went out to do some yardwork in the hopes of making an attitude adjustment.  I knew there had to be something going right in my life.  Unfortunately, the best I could come up with was, "Well, at least frozen dog poop is easier to pick up when you’re cleaning the yard and it’s cold."  Not exactly something I want to add to my ‘count your blessings’ list, but there it is.

Well, what can you do, except keep on typing.

So, here I am, 19 days past deadline, typing away.  The fireplace is fixed–well, actually I discovered a work-around.  And the external hard drive is back and purring quietly on the corner of my desk. My new Panda antivirus seems to be keeping the bad stuff away from my computer.

And life goes on.

And page 921 beckons me.


6 Responses to The Overdue Book

  1. Sometimes you just have to take the blessings you’re given. For me today, it’s the fact that it’s six inches of fresh powder and I don’t need to chisel each frozen beneficence out by deft use of hand and plastic bag. Eww…

    Good luck with the characters. I’m sure they appreciate the extra attention you’re giving them, and (just maybe) they’ll leave you alone after you’re done and go off somewhere to make it on their own.

  2. “I’m both paranoid and fanatic about backing up my work”

    have you think of printing any page you wrote ?
    i’m doing this every day.
    and when i print a new version of the same page, i gave the older to my son who makes drawing on it…
    (in fact, i don’t print anything at this time, because my printer is broken… and the new one is not yet arrived)

    and i’ve found a parade for virus, when i’m writing, i use a computer that’s never connected to internet.
    so i’ve two computer on my (very little) desk… one for surfing and one for writing.

  3. I used to print out everything. Now I save to several locations, including a CD and an external drive. The ever helpful assistant will be setting up some storage space on a server for me soon.

    My children always drew on the back of my rough drafts. I also used to turn them over and run them through the printer again, using them a stationery for writing to friends.

    I like to look at those pictures now, front and back, to see what I was working on when my kids were small and drawing pictures of ducks with teeth and flying wolves.


  4. One thing I tend to do to transfer projects from one computer to another if I don’t have my flash drive on me is to just email it to my gmail account, which has enough storage space to handle all sorts of things. I don’t know if your old computer had internet access (or if you’ll need to do that kind of thing again–I hope not!), but it’s something!