Being a writer

There are good exciting days to being a writer.

And then there are slogging days.

Today I slogged.  I slogged for 1500 words.  Yesterday I got 2200 words.  So 1500 is better than 1000 but not a top notch day.

My hands hurt.  And I wanted to be making gingerbread or spritz cookies or going for a walk.  I wanted to be doing Christmasy stuff. But the deadline is coming, and i really thought I’d be finished by now, so I have to make myself sit at the desk and get the words.

The story grows and it’s going in the direction it should.  But today it seemed like the most boring story that anyone could possibly imagine.  After all, I knew exactly what was going to happen next and I typed along and typed along and sure enough, it happened. 

When the time comes and it’s a book, maybe someone else will read it and be stunned or at least entertained.  But today it was putting the sentences together, one key stroke at a time.  Moving the characters like pieces on a chess board.  Tightening the tension here, resolving a small problem there.  One letter at a time, one word at a time.  For 1519 words.

That’s still part of being a writer and part of the writing life.  Tough as it was today, I still don’t want to trade it in for anything else.

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  1. Just a Fan


    I was just doing my rounds on LJ and discovered you had some journals, so I added you as a friend being an avid fan of yours. I’ve emailed you twice before and, by promise of one email, still owe you a copy of a student film I made based roughly on your work. Otherwise, I’ll most likely be a silent blog reader unless I have the overwhelming desire to comment. Until that time occurs, though, I look forward to your next publication!

  2. Re: Just a Fan

    Hey Rixel,

    Welcome aboard!

    I’ve racked my brain but the Rixelstudios name is not familiar. Possibly you used a different name in our previous contacts?

    In any case, thanks for dropping in.


  3. Re: Just a Fan

    Yes, in fact, I did. I used my actual name, Bryan Lacey, in the emails rather then my LJ Handle. Of course this was back in 2005 and 2002 so if there is a memory of me of my emails it will only be a wisp of one at the very best.

  4. Re: Just a Fan

    Yes indeed it did and (I think) relatively well even though it was a short film. It’s not a very complex piece and it only runs about a couple minutes but I think it captures the essence of what it would be like to “Skill” were it not a thing of fiction.

    Unfortunately that semester I was burdened by financial debt (moreso then I usually was as a student anyway) and a long bout of forgetfulness which is why you never received a copy (and my sincerest apologies for that). I do have a copy still available for you but due to it being with my parents (in another Territory) it likely won’t reach me – and thus get sent out to you – until after Christmas.

  5. Re: Just a Fan

    Oh, no worries about any of that. I was just curious, especially as your screen name seems to indicate you are pursuing film. Is that correct? Any current projects?


  6. Re: Just a Fan

    I’m sort of pursuing film, though at the moment it has taken on much more of a passive and secondary role to photography. While there is a long story as to why it’s taken a back seat, for the moment anyway, suffice to say that independent film requires a lot of collaborative work and a lot of money – the former which I could manage, the latter which is a bit out of my current budget range. However, in the interim photography is a good alternative and allows me to keep my creative processes flowing, even if it doesn’t give me any immediate ideas that would translate well into video.

  7. Re: Just a Fan

    Oh, amen to that, regarding the costs of film!

    It has become a bit of a family hobby here, but is threatening to burst forth and become yet another career pursuit for my older daughter. Rather, I should say that it has already. As you say, the budget is the limiter there.

    I sampled around in your photography link. You’ve got a very nice touch there!