From the desk of Robin Hobb

I am writing in for Robin who is hard at work getting her word count in.  I’m attempting to keep her off the internet while she meets her deadline.  Lately she’s been watching these pigeon videos on youtube.  Not that I’m complaining.  Robin is way easier to work with than Megan Lindholm.  Megan is commonly known to use the last bit of coffee creamer and not say a word about it.

I hope this update finds you well and not still at work as I am, at 11:57 PM Pacific Coast Time.  Robin would have long ago let me go home but Megan Lindholm has kept me up late and working, insisting that I find something she put in her "Crap" folder.  Come to find out it was filed not under "Crap" in the filing cabinet but under "Misc Crap" (in the M section).  As if I need to look for crap in any other place than on her desk!  I will post photographic proof but at a cost.  What?  Don’t you know that all assistants can be bought?

So while I am here slaving away I thought I’d put in a few updates.

Robin has an short story in the forthcoming A Fantasy Medley, an anthology edited by Yanni Kuznia of Subterranean Press.  Also featured in the anthology are Kate Elliott, C.E. Murphy and Kelley Armstrong.
Robin’s contribution to the collection is  "Words Like Coins" is a story set in the Farseer world.  There is an excerpt of it featured on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist.

I’m personally very excited for this anthology.  Please check it out and if it looks of interest, preorder!   I have my order in.  Well, what that means is I’m trying to get to the mail before Robin does so I can get it home and read it first.  

In other news,  I’m excited to announce that you can now listen to Robin’s books in traffic.  Recorded Books has agreed to publish audiobook editions of Forest Mage, Shaman’s Crossing, and Renegade’s Magic.

That’s it for updates!  I will pop on occasionally from time to time.  Hope this finds you well.


Ever engaging in friendly sabotage and dialogue,

The Office Kat

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