A very good writing day

There are average writing days and there are good ones. And there are very good ones. Today was very good.

The first part was that it was a productive day. I cleaned up chapter 15, bringing me to page 449 of a manuscript I really liked, and began the clean up on Chapter 16.  I’m enjoying these characters tremendously, while trying to keep a lid on the story.  I said Dragon Keeper was going to be a single volume stand-alone book, and it will be. 

It will just be a rather fat single-volume stand-alone book.  🙂

Then, by real mail, I received my copy of Soleil’s L’Assassin Royal.  I’ve been excited about this happening, but I wasn’t prepared for the rush I got actually holding it in my hands.  It is beautiful.  Gaudin and Sieruac have outdone themselves.  This is a glossy covered hardback graphic novel, with lovely endpapers. I looked at them for a few moments before I even began to turn the pages.  There are so many good bits in here, so many captured moments that I can’t begin to list them off.  Nosy.  Fitz’s first encounter with the Fool.  Molly.  Chade as Lady Thyme.  It is just amazing and wondrous.

There is a small fly in ointment.  In this first edition, one of the pages is reversed.  Pages 12 and 13 are transposed.  It will, of course, be corrected.  And having survived a book with an entire dropped chapter(!!!) I think I can weather this with equanimity.

As if that were not enough for a great day, I then received an email from Yanni at Subterranean Press. Attached was the cover art of A Fantasy Medley.  It is both lovely and striking!  With a bit of luck, I’ll figure out how to upload it to my pictures and others will be able to view it there. 

So.  Just one of those days when, despite sawdust everywhere from the kitchen remodel, kids underfoot, a psycho pigeon trying to move into my office and a cranky Siamese cat,  I still feel like I really am a writer.  And it’s all worth it.

3 Responses to A very good writing day

  1. I just love the thought of a fat book by you! Since you’re doing cleaning up, does this mean that you’ve finished with the story? Can’t wait to read it 😀

    Hope you have plenty of very good days!

  2. A fat Dragon Keeper sounds very good indeed. 🙂

    I’m so excited about the fact that there are several of your books/stories to look forward to. This summer felt really weird with no new Robin Hobb story to read under a tree or at the summer cottage. (Although I did manage to find some older Lindholm books and those helped a lot with the withdrawal symptoms.)

    If you go to your own profile page here at Livejournal, you can see a navigation bar, and the sixth item on it should be “ScrapBook”. Hover your mouse over that, and you should be able to see “upload pictures”. 🙂

  3. book clean up

    No,not finished. This is my ‘past the middle of the book, make sure it all agrees with itself so far’ clean up.

    I used the time to fix a lot of things from my ‘go back’ file, inserting detail and important items. I also found a place where I’d contradicted myself and fixed that. Made sure the characters names didn’t suddenly change. So it was a tidy up that let me relax and move forward with the story.

    I’m very pleased with it so far!

    Thanks for asking.