French Graphic Novel

A few days ago, I received the finalized image of the cover for L’Assassin Royal.  This is the French graphic novel of The Farseers.  I am hoping it will be available by September.  It’s possible that US readers will be able to order it from    It will be published by Soleil, and is the brilliant  work of Laurent Sieurac and Jean-Charles Gaudin.  I’ve seen  proofs of some of the pages, and I will be tremendously excited to see the finished work. 

The cover art is the work of Didier Graffet.  I’ve made a couple of attempts to upload the cover itself to LJ, but neither has been successful. So I shall refer the curious to the cover art album on the Robin Hobb photobucket.  

The first question I’m usually asked about this is, “Are there plans for an English language version?”  I’m sad to say that, for right now, the answer is ‘no’.  But even with my execrable French, I’ve found the illustrated story very easy to follow.  

I was already looking forward to Utopiales in Nantes, France at the end of October.  Knowing that I’ll have the opportunity to finally meet Laurent and Jean-Charles is just the frosting on the cake!

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  1. I’ve been too much away from the Internet for the past 3 weeks (Finncon and then the X-files 2 movie are mostly to be blamed) and I only now noticed you have two livejournal accounts! When did all this happen? 😀 I hope it’s okay to add you as a friend?

  2. Following the footsteps of Nerwende; I hope it’s ok to add you?

    I still find it kind of odd that people I’m fan of have journals or are on Facebook or something. It’s like they’re (you!) mere mortals like the rest of us. (And surely, that can’t be true.)